Cherry QQ Price in Pakistan 2023

We have described Cherry QQ Price in Pakistan. The name already tells that the car does not belong to Pakistan but is only imported to the country. The company has made two cars in Pakistan till now. The car includes the Cherry Tiggo 4 Pro and the Cherry Tiggo 8 Pro. The company is selling a good number of units of both cars in the country these days. Due to the late launch of this car, the sales of both cars are low.

Here we are going to tell you about another car from the company. You may be thinking that this will be another SUV that the company is going to offer in the country. But no, this is just an ordinary small car that comes in Pakistan under the imported lineup of Cherry.

The company thinks that two cars are enough, and now it’s time to lower the engine specs and features of their car to get more popular in no time by offering something at a low price to the customers. So, the company’s car, known as the Cherry QQ, is being sent to Pakistan through imported car dealers. You may don’t find this car much on the roads of Pakistan. The reason behind this is that the car resembles a lot the Chevrolet Joy.

Many people think that both cars are the same, but it is hard to recognize both these two cars as separate entities. Especially when one sees the car from the front side, it just looks like the Chevrolet Joy. So, let’s see what features and specs the car comes with. But before it, let’s see the price of this car. The selling price of this car in Pakistan is as follows:

Cherry QQ Price in Pakistan:

In Pakistan, the current price for this car is PKR 580,000-950,000. This is the price the imported car dealers are asking from people. If you are also searching for a car in this price bracket, then you may not find a better option than this car. The car being low priced is still covered in different features that will excite most of the car geeks these days.

Many other car brands have launched their cars with the same price and specs before the company and taken the place of Cherry, so to compete with those brands, Cherry has always kept its prices competitive.

Cherry QQ Fuel Average:

The fuel average of this small hatchback announced by the company is 12 to 16 km per liter. This means the car is efficient in terms of fuel average in the city as well as out of the city. Users intending to buy this car for long routes should surely consider it as it can help you save a great amount of fuel. So the car comes with a pocket-friendly budget.

Cherry QQ Fuel Average

Cherry QQ Fuel Tank Capacity:

Cherry QQ comes with a 35-liter fuel tank that makes it good for long routes, especially when one is traveling on rough terrains such as mountains. A moderate-capacity fuel tank works best with the shape and features of this car as it already has a good fuel average.

Cherry QQ Fuel Tank Capacity

Cherry QQ Features:

The features added to the car by the company are as under:

Power Windows
Hydraulic Power Steering
Adjustable Seats
Halogen Lights

This table illustrates all the features installed in the car by the company. The features may seem less but are best when we compare them with the price at which the car is currently available in the country. The starting price of this car in the country is less than six lacs. You are getting a car at that price at which it is difficult to buy a good bike. So, what else do you need as the company is facilitating you more than you need?

Cherry QQ Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as under:

Length 3350 mm
Width 1495 mm
Height 1485 mm
Wheelbase 2340 mm
Kerb Weight 880 Kg
Transmission Type Automatic Transmission
Horsepower 51 HP @ 6000 RPM
Fuel System EFI
Torque 70 Nm @ 3500 RPM
Seating Capacity 4 Persons
Total Number of Doors 4 Doors

The car is specifically built using the specifications displayed above. Cherry has not altered the specifications of this car country-wise as the car is not being imported by the company itself but through imported car dealers themselves. Maybe the company will start sending these units officially to Pakistan in the future.

Cherry QQ Availability in Pakistan 2023:

The car is only available in used conditions all over the country. If you are also searching for a budget car, then this car is best, especially if your requirement is good driving and fuel average. The fuel average of this car will surely help the imported car dealers to earn more profit as the prices of cars with good fuel averages are high these days due to more demand. So buy this car before the price goes up, as anything can happen when it comes to a price hike.

Just find a Cherry QQ in the best condition in the country from the area as per your convenience, or import one. For importing the car, you may need the guidance of an imported car dealer, and then you have to go through some documentation process. After then, the procedure will start. Make sure you only import cars with verifiable auction sheets so you can judge the exact condition of the car prior to the import of that car.

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