Proton Gen 2 Price in Pakistan 2023

The famous car brand of Malaysia is once again all set to launch another car in Pakistan. Proton Gen 2 Price in Pakistan is our main topic today. The car has already been launched in Malaysia, and now the company is all geared up to launch this car in Pakistan. Here I am going to tell our viewers about the exact launch date, specifications, as well as features of this car that will be the pride of roads in the upcoming days. Before it, the car already has got good standing all over Pakistan.

The reason behind this is the low-price car that was launched by the brand in Pakistan. But unfortunately, due to unstable economic conditions, the price of that car has already become so high. Malaysians are already in love with the shape, specifications, and features of the car as it is the local brand of the country, and they prefer buying their own local things as compared to getting the things imported. The price at which this car will be seen selling all over Pakistan as soon as it gets approval for launch from the higher authorities is as follows:

Proton Gen 2 Price in Pakistan:

The price at which the Proton Gen 2 will be seen selling across the country is PKR 6,000,000. This is probably the best price one could pay to buy a Sedan. The sedan-type car is best if you want to drive it locally as it provides a user with an ideal fuel average. The price of this car may be revised as the competition is becoming much higher these days. Proton has to lower the price of this car; otherwise, it would be kicked out of the Pakistani auto market.

Proton Gen 2 Features:

The features of cars are something that grabs the attention of a user towards itself. If the features are less advanced, the car is going to succeed these days, but if the features are even more but not advanced, then the brand must face several consequences. So, let’s see by keeping these things in mind whether the features of this car are getting advanced or Proton is following the same old trends. The features added to the car by Proton are as follows:

All wheel drive
Cruise control
Traction control
Eco mode
Automatic transmission
Alloy wheels
Proton support system
Big sized screen
Infotainment system
Apple car play/ android car system

These are all the features the company has tried to add to this car. Many features need to be aligned with the demands of the people in Pakistan as the demands of people residing in every area vary due to different reasons.

Proton Gen 2 Features

Maybe whether of the country may be of not that type so these things must be kept in mind by companies before launching a car with similar features as of the other country in a particular area. The good thing about the brand is that it keeps all these aspects in front before launching any car model in any area all over the world.

Proton Gen 2 Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as under:

Length 4310 mm
Width 1725 mm
Height 1435 mm
Wheelbase 2600 mm
Ground Clearance 143 mm
Seating Capacity 5 Persons
Fuel Type Petrol
Number of Doors 4 Doors

These are all the specifications that Proton has kept in front to manufacture this car. If you are a Proton user, you might already know how conscious the brand officials are when it comes to the specifications while designing the car. Here all the specifications are made according to the road conditions of Pakistan as the brand knows what exactly roads here look like.

Proton Gen 2 Specifications

The brand could have launched this car with the help of an imported car dealer with similar specs with whom it is being offered in Malaysia, but the only reason behind the launch of this car in Pakistan is to align its specifications exactly with the road clearance of the country. So users will now be able to drive it anywhere all across the country using these specifications as the brand has made a great effort to align it with the roads of Pakistan.

Proton Gen 2 Fuel Average:

After some complaints regarding the fuel average of the Proton X70, the company has solved the issue regarding the fuel average in this car. The car provides a fuel average of 10 km per litre when being driven on highways. The fuel average is increased in case of driving it on local roads.

Proton Gen 2 Availability in Pakistan 2023:

If you are also a Proton lover and are thinking of buying this car by getting it imported into the country, then wait some months. Proton is going to launch this car in Pakistan. So, after that, you would be able to buy this car locally in Pakistan without any hassle of paying any kind of import charges. So, the wait is going to be good enough as it will save you from paying a hefty amount against the car in the name of customs duties.

Moreover, the imported car’s specifications will also not align with the specs of the cars that the company has made specifically for use in Pakistan. Like 2 cars of the company in the country, this car will surely make a place in the country due to the overwhelming build quality and the moderate price at which it will be launched in the market. This was all about Proton Gen 2 Price in Pakistan 2023. 

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