Honda WR-V Price in Pakistan 2023

of After the Honda CR V and Honda BR V, here we are presenting you with the all-new Honda Wr-V; from the name of the car, you might have already noticed that the car is unavailable locally in Pakistan. You are right, as Honda does not manufacture this car locally in Pakistan. This car is only imported to the country. Here Honda officials are planning to launch this car in Pakistan. Initially, some units have also been imported for testing purposes.

You may be wondering that Honda is a big brand that has been working in Pakistan for years, so why does it need to test the cars before launching? So here, let me clear up your confusion here. Honda has launched this car in different countries with different specs, and the specifications of the car are altered to some extent after testing the car at that place so that the car can run smoothly on any kind of road in that area. So here, Honda is doing the same thing to make the car suitable for the roads of Pakistan. After testing, the car will successfully be seen on the roads all over the country.

Before let us have a look at the price at which it is to be sold as soon as the testing completes and Honda launches it in the country. The estimated price of the Honda Wr-v in Pakistan is as follows:

Honda WR-V Price in Pakistan:

The expected price after the launch of this car in the country is PKR 6,400,000. This price is set according to the features and specs added to the car by the company. It is not yet the official price of the car, as it is only an estimate given by car experts in the automotive industry. Honda has a right to set the price of this car in the future that may be higher or lower than the estimated price as told by the experts.

Honda WR-V Engine Displacement:

All the cars launched in Pakistan are mostly equipped with engines of more than 1300cc. So, users are expecting a greater engine in this car too. Honda has provided users with a 1.5-litre engine that works best when it comes to performance within as well as out of the city.

Honda WR-V Engine Displacement

Honda WR-V Fuel Average:

Cars of Honda are not considered good when it comes to fuel averages. The only fuel-efficient car of the company in the country is the Honda City. Other than this car, the other cars offered by the company in the country until now do not provide a good fuel average due to the addition of a high displacement engine to the car.

Honda WR-V Fuel Average

But let’s see what fuel average users are experiencing using this car in the countries where it has already been launched. The fuel average of this car is 16.5 km per litre if you buy a petrol engine variant of the car. On the other hand, buying a diesel engine variant may increase the price of the car, but at the same time, the fuel efficiency will be superb. The fuel average of the diesel engine variant of this car is 23 km per litre which is excellent.

Honda WR-V Top Speed:

These days when the fuel prices of cars are increasing every day, no one cares about the top speed of the car as everyone tries to drive the car at a moderate speed to preserve the fuel. But there are certain times when someone must drive the car at top speed. So, for those times, let me tell you the top speed of this car. The top speed of this car is 165 km per hour. This top speed is pretty good for this car type.

Honda WR-V Features:

The features added to the car are as follows:

4 Airbags
5 Seatbelts
Driver Seatbelt Warning
Anti-theft alarm
Child Lock
High-mount stop lamp
Down Hill Assist Control
Hill Start Assist Control

These are all the features added to the car by the company.

Honda WR-V Specifications:

The specifications of this beast-looking car with extraordinary features are as follows:

Body Type Crossover
Length 4346 mm
Width 1790 mm
Height 1498 mm
Horsepower 119 hp
Boot Space 335 L
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity 40 L
Top Speed 200 km per hour
Ground Clearance 196 Nm
Transmission Automatic Transmission
Torque 145 Nm
Kerb Weight 1267 Nm
Mileage 15-16 km per liter
Seating Capacity 5 Persons
Tyre Size 215/60/R17

These are all the specifications added to the car by the company. All these features are up to the mark. If you were thinking of buying a car of Honda with the best specs as well as the best price, then wait a few months until the car is ready to roll in the market.

Honda WR-V Availability in Pakistan 2023:

The car is not yet available in Pakistan. Testing of the car in Pakistan is being done by Honda officials. So, if you want to keep your hand on this new car of Honda in Pakistan, then wait until the company officials make any kind of announcement regarding the launch of this car in the country. Honda is one of the most reliable automotive brands in Pakistan. The brand has been serving people with quality products for years. So, keeping in view all these aspects, the wait is going to be worthwhile as something unique is going to come into the market. This was all about the latest Honda WR-V Price in Pakistan in 2023.

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