Toyota Hi Roof Price in Pakistan 2023

Here we are going to discuss one of the most used cars of Toyota that are used for pick-and-drop purposes, mostly by different brands and businesses in Pakistan. We are talking about the Toyota Hi Roof Price in Pakistan 2023. The car has been on the market for decades. Every year advances are bought in the new models launched by the brand just to facilitate the users. When the car came on the market for the first time, it had an ordinary shape with no air conditioner or heater present in the car at all.

But now as the demands of the users are also changing due to changing weather all over the world so the company has added an air conditioner and heater in the car along with the interior is also modified up to some extent and now comes with adjustable as well as foldable seats. In addition to this, the car is also offered in different transmissions, which we will discuss further in this article. Here we are going to tell you some of the specifications and features of this car. But let’s have a look at the price at which the car is seen selling all around the country in new as well as used conditions. The price of Toyota Hi Roof in the country is as under:

Toyota Hi Roof Price in Pakistan:

The Price of this Hi Roof in Pakistan starts from PKR 11,408,000 and then goes further. This vehicle is offered in five different variants, and the prices vary according to the type of variant you buy. The price list of all the available variants for sale at the official dealership of Toyota is mentioned below:

MID ROOF 2.7L PKR 12,588,000

These are all the prices that are demanded by Toyota for each variant. You might have noticed why the price difference has occurred here. The price difference comes because some of the vehicles are equipped with diesel engines while some come with petrol engines. On the other hand, in some variants, the dual ac function is present, which makes the price slightly higher. Now it’s up to you which type of vehicle you want to buy according to your need or budget. We suggest here to always go for diesel variants as diesel provides more fuel efficiency as compared to petrol.

Toyota Hi Roof Fuel Average:

As the passenger van comes in different variants, here we are sharing the fuel average of each variant one by one. First, let’s talk about the fuel average of the Diesel variant. So, the fuel average of the diesel variant is 10 km within the city, and for long routes, the vehicle is quite efficient, providing an average of 12 km per litre. On the other hand, the petrol variant consumes an average of 1 litre of petrol upon driving 8 km within the city and almost 10 km per litre when driving it outside the city. Lastly, the gasoline variant also does the same fuel average as the petrol variant. Just the difference is in the price of petrol and gas. Petrol is much more expensive these days as compared to gas, but the performance of vehicles while operating using gas is not good.  

Toyota Hi Roof Fuel Average

Toyota Hi Roof Features:

The features present in the car and the inner cabin of the car are as follows:

Tilt Steering
Air Conditioner
Sun Visors
Digital Clock
Anti-lock braking system
Speakers at front

These are all the features this car comes with.

Toyota Hi Roof Specifications:

The specifications of this vehicle are as follows:

Length 5380 mm
Width 1880 mm
Height 2285 mm
Wheelbase 3110 mm
Ground Clearance 185 mm
Kerb Weight 2140 Kg
Seating Capacity 14 Persons
Total Number of Doors 3 Doors
Maximum Torque 260 Nm @ 2000 RPM
Total Horsepower 101 HP @ 3600 RPM

These are all the specifications of the Toyota Hi Roof 2023. The overall specifications of all the variants are the same. The company usually changes the interior and engine specs. The dimensions and other specs remain the same.

Toyota Hi Roof Shape and Design: 

There’s nothing special in the shape and design of this car. Just a little bit of improvement in lights has been made by the company; otherwise, the van still comes in the rectangular shape as it came when the company first time launched it in the country. This is because, in this shape, more people can be accommodated in the van. As the demand rises, the company will surely change the shape of this vehicle.  

Toyota Hi Roof Shape and Design

Toyota Hi Roof Availability in Pakistan 2023:

Toyota Hi Roof is easily available all over Pakistan at the designated Toyota car showrooms. Since the vehicle is only used for specific purposes so it is only available at specific outlets of Toyota. You just need to search the outlet of Toyota in Pakistan which specifically deals in this vehicle. The delivery time of this car may be long as the demand is low in the country. If you do not want to wait for a month to get the delivery of your car, you can pay some extra amount to the company for the instant delivery process. To save from both the extra amount and late delivery, you can buy this car in used condition from any trusted individual or used car dealer. This was all about Toyota Hi Roof Price in Pakistan 2023.

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