Toyota Kluger Price in Pakistan 2023

The company is planning to launch a couple of cars with little difference in days one after the other. Toyota Kluger Price in Pakistan 2023 is available here. Toyota will launch the vehicle in the country at the start of 2024. As per Toyota officials, the car features and specifications must be changed to align with the country’s road clearance. Although Toyota has its official dealerships in Pakistan, certain things stop the company from launching this car there. Otherwise, the car could have already been launched in the country.

You might be thinking of it as a sports car because of the addition of a Kluger to its name. But no, it is a hatchback of the brand. The brand mostly makes SUV-type cars as it’s the specialty of the company. Let’s see what the car features and what is the estimated price of the car as per the car experts in Pakistan. The price of this car in the country is as follows:

Toyota Kluger Price in Pakistan:

Currently, the car is available in used condition in Pakistan at different prices. The price for a used Toyota Kluger in Pakistan is PKR 16,400,000. If we go for a car in brand new condition, then the price is somehow increased. The price for a new Toyota Kluger is PKR 17,000,000. As the cars are imported so the price is somehow high but still moderate if we compare the price of this car with that of the Toyota Fortuner. Fortuner, being the same as this car, can be compared with it in terms of features and specification. But this car wins when it comes to price. This car is the best alternative for people who tend to buy the Toyota Fortuner but are short of money.

Toyota Kluger Car Engine Specifications:

The car comes with a 1794 cc engine which is operated using petrol. Toyota may introduce Hybrid technology in this car in the future.

Toyota Kluger Mileage:

Being equipped with a petrol engine, the car still manages to provide the user with a fuel average of 12 to 14 km per litre. The fuel efficiency may be increased to some extent if Toyota reduces the engine size of the car when they launch this car in the country.

Toyota Kluger Colors:

Toyota is only offering this car in Blue Metallic Color. The company says it suits best on this car, and we have not received demand from the customer side regarding the addition of any more colours to the car. In Pakistan, more colours may be added to the car as everyone has his own taste.

Toyota Kluger Gearbox:

An ordinary 4-speed gearbox has been added to the car by the company that usually comes in all other local cars of Toyota being used in the country.

Toyota Kluger Wheel Size:

Cars in Pakistan are usually equipped with wheels of 15 inches. Toyota continuing the trend, has also added 15-inch wheels to the car. The reason behind the common wheel size in almost every car launched by every brand of the same category is nothing but the road style in the country. These types of tyres work best according to the road surfaces of the country.

Toyota Kluger Wheel Size

Toyota Kluger Suspensions Type:

The car at the front and rear comes with double-Klugerbone suspension. This suspension makes the ground clearance of the car good enough to roll anywhere in the country without worrying about damaging the frame or engine of the car. Many cars offered by different brands in the country are low, which after purchase causes issues to the users. Those cars, when being driven on rough roads, cause leakages from the downside of the engine due to getting hit again and again on the road. That’s why Toyota always provides moderate ground clearance in all their cars, whether the car is manufactured locally or is from the imported lineup of the brand.

Toyota Kluger Fuel Tank Capacity:

The car can store up to 60 liters of fuel. The fuel tank capacity of the brand may be the highest among the cars launched by Toyota in Pakistan until now.

Toyota Kluger Fuel Tank Capacity

Toyota Kluger Features:

The features added to Kluger by Toyota are as follows:

Power Windows
Electronic Power Steering
Apple Play
Android Support
Dual Zone Climate Control
Air Conditioner
Rear Fog Lamps
Front Fog Lamps
Passenger and Driver Seat Belts
Warning Lights
Stability Control
Anti-lock braking System
Alloy Rims
Rain Sensing Wiper
Motion Control
Emergency Brakes

These are all the features added to the car by the company.

Toyota Kluger Specifications:

The specifications added to this car to make it according to the need of the user are described below:

Length 4865 mm
Width 1925 mm
Height 1730 mm
Horsepower 292 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity 72 Liters
Ground Clearance 200 mm
Seating Capacity 7 Persons
Tyre Size 245/60/R18
Transmission Type Automatic Transmission

This table clearly illustrates all the specifications upon which the company has built this car.

Toyota Kluger Availability in Pakistan:

Some used variants imported by car dealers may be available in the country. But we cannot say anything about the condition of those imported variants. If you plan to buy this car in used condition, you must go and meet the car seller yourself and judge the car accordingly. Otherwise, wait some months until Toyota takes any decision regarding the launch of this car in the country. Or if you have enough amount, simply get this car using a fresh import method. This was all about Toyota Kluger Price in Pakistan 2023.

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