Suzuki Margalla Price in Pakistan 2023

Suzuki Margalla is among one of the oldest cars of Suzuki in Pakistan. Being too old, the price of this car has dropped a lot. But the car is still considered one of the strongest cars of the Suzuki. According to the reviews we took from the owners of the Suzuki Margalla, we came to know that despite being too old, the car still has no rust or body damage. These were the early days when the brand launched this car in the country to ensure customers get the best.

The brand now may have improved itself in terms of features and specifications but has reduced the built quality of its cars. There is no car of the company in the country whose quality can be compared with the build quality of the Suzuki Margalla. Here let’s see at what price the car was offered at the time of launch and now what a user has to pay if he intends to buy this car in Pakistan. The price of this car is as follows:

Suzuki Margalla Price in Pakistan:

The price of this car in the country starts from PKR 215,000 and goes to PKR 1,800,000. The price depends on the condition of the car. If I’m not wrong, when the car was launched for the first time in the country, the company kept the price of this car at PKR 366,000. If you compare this price with the price at which the car is selling these days, then you may already have judged that the car is still value for money. Where these days in this price when it is becoming harder and harder to buy a 70cc bike at the same time, you can buy a high-quality sedan car for yourself or your family.

Suzuki Margalla Colors:

As the car was one of the most sold cars at the time of launch so, plenty of colors are available for this car in the country. The car in Pakistan comes in the following colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Red

These are all the common colors in which the car was offered at the start of Suzuki. Users can easily search for cars for sale in any of the colors displayed above.

Suzuki Margalla Transmission Type:

The car comes with manual transmission. At the time when this car was launched in the country, the concept of automatic cars was very less known in the country. So, the brand only offered this car in manual transmission.

Suzuki Margalla Transmission Type

Suzuki Margalla Engine Displacement:

The car comes with an engine of 1324 cc. The type of engine is quite enough for a car of this type. The company, due to its high-weight body, has added a more sized engine in this car so that the user does not feel any kind of lags in the car.

Suzuki Margalla Boot Space:

The boot space of this car is 289 L. This means the car can also be a good partner for longer routes. The only thing a person needs to see before leaving is the engine condition of the car. You may have heard that as the thing gets old, the more maintenance it demands.

Suzuki Margalla Boot Space

Suzuki Margalla Weight:

The total weight of this car is 800 kg. Now you can assume the quality of the car yourself by seeing the weight of this car. It shows how fine the material the company has used in building this car is.

Suzuki Margalla Braking System:

The car comes with ordinary drum brakes that we see on bikes these days. Technology in the country at that time was not common, so the braking system was not quite good in this car. You can alter the braking system of this car with the help of an expert car mechanic if you have no budget issues. This will resolve the braking issue of your car, and your drive will become more secure.

Suzuki Margalla Features:

Suzuki has added the following features to this car:

Front Speakers
Air conditioner
Arm Rest
Interior Lightning
Rear Folding Seat
Manual Seat Adjustment

These are all the features added to this car by the company. The features may seem really less to most of you, but these features were considered best at the time when the car entered the automotive industry of the country.

Suzuki Margalla Specifications:

The following sheet states the specifications of this car:

Length 3710 mm
Width 1575 mm
Height 1350 mm
Wheelbase 2265 mm
Ground Clearance 155 mm
Kerb Weight 800 Kg
Seating Capacity 5 Persons
No. of Doors 4 Doors

These are all the specifications of this car that suits best according to the engine of the car. The car works best on Pakistani roads due to these specifications.

Suzuki Margalla Availability in Pakistan:

It’s been years since the car was launched for the first time in the country. So now the only option to buy this car in the country is a used car. Many car dealers and individuals are selling their Suzuki Margalla in the country. If you are also an old-school car lover or could not buy any car for your family due to budget issues, then this car can solve all your budget issues. Simply choose any Margalla car listed for sale and go and see the condition. Upon likeness, take an expert with you and get the car checked properly, starting from the engine and ending on the body health of the car. If everything seems perfect, grab a good deal after negotiating the price. This was all about Suzuki Margalla price in Pakistan 2023.

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