Best SUV in Pakistan 2023

The Best SUV in Pakistan is discussed in this article. SUVs are vehicles particularly made for specific roads such as rough terrains. These cars are getting common in Pakistan these days. The price is high, but people are still preferring to buy these cars. The reason behind this is the high-quality material used by the company to build these cars. Due to high quality, these cars do not require much maintenance. We know that cars often get out of order and require high maintenance when they are being driven on rough terrains. But in the case of this car, you don’t have to worry about maintenance as these cars are specifically built for these types of roads. Here we are going to share the best SUVs in Pakistan that are selling like Hotcakes.

Best SUV in Pakistan:

The best SUVs in Pakistan for the year 2023 are as under:

Toyota Fortuner:

Toyota Fortuner in Pakistan is offered in different variants. Initially, the car was offered at a price tag of PKR 60-80 Lacs, but now, due to inflation, the price of this car has become high. It is one of the most selling cars of Toyota in Pakistan. Toyota Fortuner comes with both diesel as well as petrol engines. Both engines are quite efficient when it comes to performance. But people of Pakistan mostly prefer to buy this car equipped with petrol engines as diesel engines are a bit noisy as compared to petrol engines. The main features of this car include 4×4 technology, which is best for off-roading, sunroof, alloy wheels, and much more.

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Fortuner Price in Pakistan 2023:

The price of this car ranges from PKR 15,800,000-21,100,000. It depends on the type of variant you buy for this SUV. Diesel engines, being stronger and less in demand, are priced high as the company has to specially build this model on demand for specific users.

Toyota Land Cruiser:

When talking about SUVs, how can one forget about Land Cruiser? This car is among one of the oldest SUVs in Pakistan. We can say that it is a masterpiece offered by Toyota to its Pakistani audience. This car stays stable, driving it at any kind of speed. The company has added high-quality shocks in this car so that the user can enjoy the driving experience to its fullest. The car comes with a 3445cc engine which is strong enough to take it anywhere at any kind of speed.

Toyota Land Cruiser

The most exciting thing about this car we are going to talk is its transmission. Although it is an automatic car, it comes with 10-speed gear. Normally cars come with 5 or 6-gear speed transmissions, but here Toyota has done a fantastic job by adding this speed to this car. Due to this, the efficiency of this car is increased a lot. So now the car performs well.

Toyota Land Cruiser Price in Pakistan 2023:

Like the Toyota Fortuner discussed above, this car is also offered in different variants, which are priced accordingly. The price of a base variant of the Toyota Land Cruiser is PKR 105,000,000, and it is called Toyota Land Cruiser EXR 3.5L. On the other hand, the high-end variant of this car is priced at PKR 156,829,000. Many of you might already know why the difference in price occurs. If not, then let me tell you that the features are advanced in the high-end variant, while there are fewer features in the ordinary variant. But the performance and quality of both the variants are reliable as Toyota never compromises on quality.

Honda Vezel:

Honda Vezel has been imported to Pakistan for years. You can say that the first imported car of Honda in Pakistan was the Honda Vezel. Being used in Pakistan for years now, this car has made a strong place in the imported lineup of Honda cars in the country. When it comes to Choosing a car of Honda under the imported lineup, the consumer’s first choice is only Honda Vezel. It is also considered among one of the Best SUVs in Pakistan due to its great build quality and high-end features that help the driver on any kind of road condition and makes the journey easier. The car comes with telescopic adjustment, radar control, a customized display, big sized LCD screen, and many more features that make the interior of this car more enhanced.

Honda Vezel

Honda Vezel Price in Pakistan 2023:

Since the car is imported to the country, the price may vary. The price range of this car in Pakistan starts from PKR 7,000,000 to 13,900,000. It depends on the type of variant you buy for this car. Buying the latest variant would be high in your pocket, while going for an old variant may be pocket friendly. The price of the car may also depend on the condition of the car.

SUV Availability in Pakistan 2023:

Since we have discussed the best SUVs of two companies here, which include Honda and Toyota. So, the cars of Toyota discussed here are easily available at different Toyota dealerships all over Pakistan. But when we talk about the availability of Honda Vezel, then it is only available in used condition at different imported car dealers all around the country. SUV lovers interested in buying Honda Vezel can also import this car by contacting any imported car dealer dealing in Honda cars or may buy one from any home user selling his car in the country. This was all about the Best SUV in Pakistan.

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