Civic Rebirth Price in Pakistan 2023

Civic Rebirth Price is discussed here. The car is the ninth generation of Honda Civic cars being used in Pakistan. Here we are going to share some of the main key points of this car. When the car was first launched in the country, it was considered a flop as the sales were in decline. But now the car is providing great sales in the used car market. The reason behind the great sales of this car these days is nothing but the high prices of the latest models of the Honda Civic as well as the other cars of different brands that are offered to the Pakistani audience. Here people prefer this car over other new cars these days as it comes with more high-end features at a lower price.

In addition to this, the car is great when it comes to reliability. The major reason for the failure of this car when it was launched was the high-end features that were added to the car by the company. At that time, mechanics, as well as people who bought this car, were not very familiar with the features and specifications of this car which caused Chaos. This caused a decline in the sale of this car.

So, to save yourself from this Chaos here, we suggest our users never take their car to any new mechanic, especially when it is equipped with high-end features. Only prefer the official car dealers at first. So now let’s begin our discussion without any pause and see what features and specifications the car comes with. Before this, let’s see at what price bracket the car is available in the Pakistan auto market these days. The price at which interest users can buy this car these days is as under:

Civic Rebirth Price in Pakistan:

The price at which any Honda Civic Lover can buy this car lies somewhere between PKR 35-40 lacs. Here the price of this car, being old, has still gone high. But still, the car is value for money these days as it comes with many more features as compared to the cars that are coming onto the market these days. If we compare the price of this car with the newly launched Suzuki Alto or Kia Picanto, the price of this car is almost the same, but the number of features added to this car is more as compared to both cars. So it is better to go for this car as compared to opting for any small hatchback. We can only suggest the price as every user has his own preference.

Civic Rebirth Fuel Average:

The fuel average of this car is 10-12 km per liter when a person is experiencing it within the city. In addition let me tell you the fuel average of this car when it is being driven on highways, the fuel average of this car is increased to an extent, and it gives a fuel average of almost 14 km per liter.

Civic Rebirth Fuel Average

Civic Rebirth Engine Displacement:

The car comes with a strong engine. The displacement of this car is 1800cc. This engine is quite responsive when it comes to performance. The car can beat any other car of any other brand despite being this much old within seconds.

Civic Rebirth Engine Displacement

Civic Rebirth Colors:

Although the car is available in only used market still, there are different colors available for this car. The available colors for this car in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Golden

These are all the colors available for this car in Pakistan. If you are also thinking of buying a Honda Civic Rebirth for yourself or your family, choose the color you like from the list of colors displayed above and find a used car in perfect condition in that color.

Civic Rebirth Features:

The features added to this car are as follows:

Driver Seat Belt Warning
Passenger Seat Belt Warning
Door Opening Warning
Child locks
High Mount Stop Lamp
Anti-Locking Braking System
Side Mirrors With Indicators
Metainformation Display LCD
Digital LCD
CD Player
Front Speakers

These are all the features that comes along this beautiful sedan Car. At the time when the car came into the Pakistani automotive industry, these features were unknown to most car mechanics as well as people using different cars in the country.

Civic Rebirth Specifications:

The specifications chart of this car is as follows:

Length 4540 mm
Width 1755 mm
Height 1450 mm
Wheelbase 2700 mm
Kerb Weight 1270 Kg
Boot Space 355 L
Seating Capacity 5 Persons
Total Number of Doors 4 Doors

These are all the specifications that covers the Honda Civic Rebirth. The car provides a firm road grip along with great road clearance.

Civic Rebirth Availability in Pakistan 2023:

Let’s talk about the availability of this car for the year 2023. The car is this old and is still available in used condition all over the country as different used car dealers, as well as different individuals, tend to sell their cars. If you are also a Civic Rebirth lover and want to change your car, then this is a perfect match for you these days. Just make sure to check the exact condition of the car before full payment or take an expert with you. It is possible to schedule a car inspection to check the exact condition of the car, starting from the body and ending with the engine health of the car. This was all about Civic Rebirth Price in Pakistan 2023.

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