OpenSooq: Your Trusted Source for Cars in UAE

Are you a car buyer and looking for a trusted source to buy in the UAE? The good thing is we have a reliable source: OpenSooq for car deals, whether in Dubai or across the UAE.

After the Pandemic, the world has gone more digital, and instead of searching for a reliable dealer, people tend to avail of online opportunities in the form of classified ad platforms just like OpenSooq.

There are endless numbers of car types and models available on the internet that it becomes almost impossible to select the one for yourself. Secondly, choosing a dependable dealer to find a car is another tiresome task. For that, it is preferred to opt for an online platform that not only provides good car deals but reliability and credibility.

Let’s explore more about OpenSooq as the most trusted source for Cars in UAE.

What is OpenSooq?

OpenSooq is a free, user-friendly, and reliable online classified ad website that not only provides services such as cars for sale but more than 20 other categories from shops, motorcycles, and real estate to pets and education.

You will find the slogan “BUY-what you need, SELL-what you don’t need” on the homepage of the official website of OpenSooq, which clearly explains the objective of this website.

If you want to either sell or buy a car from here, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • To buy a car, search for your desired car on OpenSooq, contact the owner, and make a car deal.
  • To sell your car, take photos of your car, make its listing, and post it on OpenSooq.

Cars Services Offered on OpenSooq

Other Related Categories

Other than selling and buying new or used cars on OpenSooq, you can also buy or sell car accessories, Car spare parts, VIP car plates, Wheels-Rim, Heavy Machinery, Junk cars, Boats-Yachts, Trucks, and Trailers. Not only this, but it also provides car services options and a Car for rent option. 


If you are not interested in buying a car from local people, OpenSooq also lists major and reliable shops to buy it from a car showroom.


One amazing option that OpenSooq has added to its services is the CARFAX Report, which is perfect when buying a used car. This report includes all the necessary information about a used car like ownership details, model, car parts, maintenance history, etc. 

All you have to do is go to the CARFAX page and provide your VIN to get the CARFAX report. By going through this report, you can be pretty much confident that you have selected the right car for yourself.

What Makes OpenSooq a Trusted Car Deals Platform?

There are several good reasons that make OpenSooq a well-trusted cars for sale platform:

Everything on this website is transparent. There are no hidden charges or commissions that you have to pay to OpenSooq both for buying or selling anything here. Also, there are no charges to create an account on the website to begin.

If you visit the website, you will see millions of visitors visiting the site, including you, which means OpenSooq has gained the trust of all these viewers. 

Full and authentic information about the cars is provided on this platform with the contact number of the owner in case of any doubt or query. You can contact the person directly by making the call.

OpenSooq has an office in the UAE in case you might need any help from them. You will find a dedicated team there making your website experience worth visiting.  

This platform gives its services in more than 20 countries, which makes it a committed and reliable source working on such a large scale.

Final words

OpenSooq is the perfect spot if you are looking for cars for sale in Dubai or UAE. This article has proven much about the easiness and benefits of using this platform to make a car deal.

So, what is keeping you away from using such an amazing service? Go to OpenSooq now and make your first sale or purchase happen with just a few clicks.

We are pretty sure this will be a great user experience for you in many ways.


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