Cars Brands in Pakistan 2023

Cars Brands in Pakistan are available here. Although there are several car brands that are selling their cars in Pakistan here, we will only be discussing the brands that are manufacturing their cars in Pakistan. Most of the people living in Pakistan are only familiar with Honda, Toyota, and Suzuki in Pakistan and only prefer to buy the cars of these companies. But now, different new brands have taken the place of these brands. Every year a new brand is being added to the automotive sector of the country. Here we will be sharing the names along with some descriptions of the company that is working in Pakistan with the motive of providing high-end cars to the people of Pakistan. The car brands in Pakistan are as follows:


One of the oldest car brands in Pakistan is Honda. The company started manufacturing in Pakistan in the year 1992. The first car the company produced locally was probably a Honda Civic. The brand won the hearts of the Pakistani people by providing them with quality products. Whether it’s a car or a bike, the quality standards are maintained by the company. Until now, 11 generations of Honda Civic cars have been launched by the company in Pakistan. In addition to this car, the second most famous car of the company in Pakistan is the Honda City.

You can say that the two main cars of this company in the country are Honda Civic and Honda City. Most working persons such as businessmen prefer Honda City for their daily use as the car comes with decent shape and a nice fuel average. While other people, such as youngsters and students, prefer Honda Civic due to its beautifully designed sporty shape. All the cars launched by the company, including these two cars, are a great success as people have trusted Honda from the day it entered the Pakistani automotive market till now.



After Honda, here comes the other famous and oldest car brand in Pakistan that is Toyota. The company entered the Pakistani market in 1990. Talking about the oldest car in the company, you will come to know that it was Corolla. The most used and most popular car of this brand is Toyota Corolla. This car is purely the love of Pakistani people. The reason behind this popularity is nothing but its outclass suspensions that never goes out of order. Whether you live in the city or village, or your daily routes include the urban areas, this car will never disappoint you. Compared to the cars of Honda, the cars of Toyota are more capable if your daily use is in rural areas. The other cars of the company include the Toyota Yaris, which we see on roads these days, and Toyota Hilux, also known as Rocco these days.



The company came to Pakistan in 1984. It has launched different cars until now. Suzuki’s first car in Pakistan was named the Suzuki Fx. After that, the company launched the Suzuki Margalla and so on. The company got popular after the launch of Suzuki Mehran in the country. The Suzuki Mehran has been running successfully in Pakistan till now. Unfortunately, the company no more manufactures this car. Suzuki is offering Alto against this car in Pakistan now.

The reason behind this is that the reputation of the company has started to affect. The company did not add any new features to the car. Despite this, there was no safety feature in the car, and the build quality was also not up to the mark. The main cars of the company in Pakistan are Suzuki Alto, Suzuki Bolan, Suzuki, Wagon R, Suzuki APV, and the Suzuki Swift. Here let me add one thing the Suzuki Alto being really fuel efficient, and the Suzuki Swift is in great demand these days.



The company Kia recently came back to the automotive industry of Pakistan and started production once again when it announced the launch of Kia Sportage in Pakistan. The company has sold several units of Kia Sportage cars in Pakistan till now. In addition to this car, the other car which is in demand by the company includes the Kia Picanto and the Kia Stonic. Kia is gradually increasing its product line in Pakistan so that it can provide customers with more vehicles equipped with the latest technology.



After the launch of Hyundai Santro in 2004, the company Hyundai just vanished from the Pakistan automotive industry. Now the company made a remarkable comeback in the year 2017 in Pakistan. The company is back with a unique and astonishing car, the Hyundai Tucson. As from the name, many of you have already judged that this car is a beast that is made for both off-roading as well as daily use. In addition to this car, the other cars of this company in Pakistan are the Hyundai Satria, Hyundai Elantra, and the most famous Hyundai Sonata. Among these cars, the Sonata and the Elantra are on trend these days, and people are having a delightful experience with both of these cars.



The cars of all of these popular brands are available at their respective showrooms all across the country. If you also like any car from the cars of the brands discussed in this blog post, simply check the nearest showroom for that car company in your area and visit it and have a deal. This was all about Cars Brands in Pakistan.

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