BMW iX3 Price in Pakistan 2023

BMW is not coming slowly these days. The company surprises its customers in Pakistan again and again through new cars in the automotive industry of Pakistan. We have bought BMW iX3 Price in Pakistan 2023 for our audience. Since the company is well known in the Pakistani automobile industry, the officials thought it was the right time to launch this car in Pakistan. The good thing about the company is that it always finds the market gap and comes up with a product to fill it. That is also one of the main reasons why the company has been succeeding and beating many other local brands for years.

So many of you now might have understood that BMW’s marketing strategy is nothing but just filling the market gap through its products. This time the company has done the same thing. Although several luxury car companies offer different car models to the Pakistani audience, BMW recognized the need of the consumers here. People were getting luxury cars, but nothing provided them with a feel of luxury and sports at the same time. So BMW launched this car. Although the car was launched a few months back, still the price has been revised 2-3 times due to certain reasons. Let’s see what the company is asking for this car and from where the interested people will be able to buy this car. The price of this car, along with some of the exciting features as well as specifications, are as follows:

BMW iX3 Price in Pakistan 2023:

The price at which this car can be bought in Pakistan is PKR 2.21 Crore. The price may seem higher to most of you, thinking this car is ordinary. But no, it’s the perfect price for a car that gives you a feel of something unique. Moreover, if we see the cars being offered with the same specs and features in Pakistan, they are priced a little bit high.

BMW iX3 Interior:

The interior of this car comprises cup holders, massage seats, heated seats, rear AC vents, ambient lights, extra comfortable seats and much that will be experienced by the user upon purchase of this car. Now here the massager added to the seats of this car is a great addition as with the help of this the passengers and the drivers can get relief from tiredness and pain especially while traveling on long routes. Many luxury cars lag behind this feature which in the future will turn in a loss of potential customers. BMW never wants to lose its loyal customers, so the company first adds those features in the car that proves best for the users. Company hopes that its customers will surely like all these features added to the car.

BMW iX3 Interior

BMW iX3 Exterior:

The exterior of this car is well-maintained. If we look at the car from the front, we will find out led lights that not only add beauty to the exterior of this car but also makes the visibility more than clear at night, especially when one is traveling on highways where there are no lights. In addition to this, the alloy rims with the official logo of BMW that comes along with this car when it is being imported are amazing.

BMW iX3 Exterior

BMW iX3 Engine Displacement:

The never-ending question regarding this car is regarding the engine displacement of this car. This car comes with an electric engine. The good thing regarding the engine of this car is that it can provide an electric power of 286 PS.

BMW iX3 Range:

This car can travel up to 461 km upon one charge. This is the range for the base variant of this car. Note if you go for a variant other than this, then you might experience changes in the range of this car. Here the driving style also matters when we talk about a range of any car.

BMW iX3 Top Speed:

The top speed of this car is around 180 km per hour. This is a moderate top speed one can achieve while driving a car with this kind of specification.

BMW iX3 0-100:

The car can go from 0 to 100 in only 6.8 seconds. This is the main key point of this car. BMW in Pakistan will be able to sell more units as people, especially youngsters in the country, prefer cars that go fast at the start. Moreover, we suggest you drive the car at the speed at which it is under control. If you drive it at more than the recommended speed by the company, it can cause accidents.

BMW iX3 Features:

The features of this car are as follows:

Seat backrest adjustment
3 zone automatic air conditioning
Driver and front passenger heated seats
2 cupholders
Heated steering wheel
Recuperation system
Tyre pressure monitoring system

These are all the features added to the car by the company.

BMW iX3 Specifications:

The table below indicates the specifications of this car:

Length 4734 mm
Width 1891 mm
Height 1668 mm
Wheelbase 2.86 m
Seating Capacity 5 Persons
No of Doors 5
Turning Circle 12.5 m
Battery Capacity 80 kwh

These are all the specifications of this car.

BMW iX3 Availability:

As we have already mentioned in our previous blog posts, BMW cars are imported to Pakistan by Dewan Motors as they are the official importers of BMW cars in Pakistan. Now the same goes for this car. This car is imported into Pakistan through Dewan Motors, as they have a joint venture with BMW. If you are also one of those who is interested in buying a BMW car, then simply visit Dewan Motors and tell them your requirements and get the import of this car done. Moreover, you can also buy this car instantly if the company has already imported some units and they are remaining in the inventory. This was all about BMW iX3 Price in Pakistan in 2023.

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