Baic Senova Price in Pakistan 2023

Baic Senova Price in Pakistan 2023 is available here. The company BAIC is well known in Pakistan. As we all know that the company belongs to China and has launched one car now in Pakistan. The first car that was launched in the country was the BAIC BJ 40. The people of Pakistan much liked this car but couldn’t get more sales due to its more price. As Toyota is the main competitor of this company in Pakistan, which already makes high-end quality cars for off-roading purposes. The BAIC BJ 40 was also launched for the same purpose, but unfortunately, the company couldn’t beat Toyota as it was new for the Pakistan audience.

Now that the company has sold some units of the BAIC BJ 40 in Pakistan, people are spreading positive vibes about the company. They claim that they are having a fantastic experience with the company. All the features and specifications of this car are up to the mark as per the users who have bought this car. Now keeping in view the good remarks, the company is planning to launch Baic Senova in Pakistan. This car comes with some different features and specifications.

The company has designed this car to give tough competition to the imported and the local lineup of Honda and Toyota in Pakistan. The company has added all the latest features to this car, making it more reliable, especially for people who want to use it daily. This car is designed in a way that never lets the user get tired. Now let’s see what the price of this car in Pakistan would be and what the user will be getting after paying that specific amount. The price at which the company aims to launch this car in Pakistan is as under:

Baic Senova Price in Pakistan 2023:

The price range of this car in Pakistan ranges from PKR 8,000,000-9,000,000. As this car comes in 2 different variants, there is a slight difference between the prices of both variants. The two different variants of this car are named Baic Senova x25 and Baic Senova D20. These are the two variants of both cars that the company announces. The high-end variant comes with full options and some extra features, while the other variant, which is priced low, lags some features. These were some details reading Baic Senova Price in Pakistan 2023.

Basic Senova Fuel Average:

As both variants of this car come with the same engine displacement so they have the same fuel average. The fuel average of this car lies somewhere between 13-15 km per liter. This is really surprising. Now here, the reason behind the great fuel average of this car is nothing but a 1490 cc engine that has been added to the car by the company. Instead of increasing the engine displacement to make the car less fuel efficient, the company has added a mid-sized engine to the car.

Basic Senova Fuel Average:

In this way, the car also becomes really economical for daily use. People in Pakistan usually have to keep a small hatchback type car with a high-end sedan car as they are less fuel efficient. Now the company has also solved this issue of the people by adding all the features starting from fuel average and ending on high-end build quality in the same car.

Baic Senova Competitors:

Where there is quality, there is competition. The same is the case with this car. Here the competitors of this car include the Honda HRV and Toyota CRV. The company should make sure that quality standards are maintained so that there may not be any complaints in the future from the user side.

Basic Senova Safety Features:

The Safety features of this car include airbags for passengers as well as the driver. Moreover, the ABS brakes are really helpful while driving, especially when one has to apply sudden brakes.

Basic Senova Safety Features

Basic Senova Features:

The features of this car are as follows:

Power Windows
Electric Power Steering
2 Airbags
Child lock
Anti-Lock Braking System
Vehicle Stability Control
Fog Lights

These are all the features added to this car by the company. The company has made sure that nothing is left behind while adding features to this car.

Basic Senova Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as follows:

Length 4110 mm
Width 1750 mm
Height 1545 mm
Horsepower 90 Hp
Ground Clearance 187 mm
Total Torque 148 Nm @ 3200 RPM
Transmission Type Automatic Transmission
Seating Capacity 5 Persons

These are all the specifications that come along with the car. Now in order to compete with other local and imported brands selling their cars in Pakistan, this was a necessary step. So, the company added all these features to the car making it more durable for the roads of Pakistan as well as more reliable for the drivers as well as the passengers.

Basic Senova Availability in Pakistan 2023:

As I have elaborated at the start of this blog post, only one car of the company is available until now in Pakistan. Still, this car will soon be seen in the market at official dealerships of Baic in Pakistan. The company has announced no specific date until now. As soon as we hear anything regarding the launch date of this car in Pakistan, we will update our users. Moreover, some people already imported these cars to Pakistan and are now selling their cars on different platforms. If you want to buy this car in used condition, then you may contact those people. This was all about Baic Senova Price in Pakistan 2023.

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