Honda Shadow Phantom Price in Pakistan 2023

Honda Shadow Phantom has become one of the most used bikes of Honda worldwide. Seeing these, the imported bike dealers of Honda have also started to import the bike to Pakistan to attain more profit by selling these bikes. Before starting, let me tell you that this bike is not for daily use as it is a sports bike, and fuel consumption is high compared to other bikes explicitly made for daily use. Before moving towards our main topic, let me tell you about the company Honda first. Honda was the first company who introduced bikes in Pakistan.

The first bike of the company in Pakistan was Honda CD 70. This bike is still being used across the country. The priority of most bike users all over Pakistan is Honda, as the engine of these bikes is efficient and never gets out of order. Here the quality of the Honda Shadow Phantom is more impressive as it is an imported bike. You all might know that imported vehicles have super build quality, whether Honda or any other company. Let’s see at what price this bike is being offered in the country and what are the features and specifications of this bike. The price of this bike is as under:

Honda Shadow Phantom Price in Pakistan:

The price of this bike in Pakistan is PKR 2,242,443. The price of this bike is high as compared to locally manufactured Chinese bikes that are being sold by different brands in Pakistan as the quality is much more enhanced when we talk about this bike especially. Moreover, the customs duties imposed on imported items have made the price slightly high. But still, the price is worth it. People trust Honda, so this bike will have good sales in Pakistan, which will make the brand image of Honda even stronger in Pakistan. If you are also a sports bike lover and never experienced something sporty by Honda while residing in Pakistan so, now the time has come. Get up and buy one Honda Shadow Phantom for you and roll on the roads with thrill and style.

Honda Shadow Phantom Fuel Average:

The fuel average of the Honda Shadow Phantom can never be compared with an ordinary bike that is being manufactured in Pakistan. Although heavy bikes have a really low fuel average, when we talk about this bike specifically, then its fuel average is good. With this bike, a user may get a fuel average of up to 56 MPG. So if you plan to take this bike on a long journey, it will prove itself really economical. So we can say that this bike is best for long routes within the city as well as out of the city.

Honda Shadow Phantom Fuel Average

Honda Shadow Phantom Engine Displacement:

The engine displacement of this bike is 745cc. As the name says, phantom, so many of you might have already judged that something big has been added to the bike by the company making it more powerful. Along with this engine, let me share an interesting fact about the engine of this bike. The engine of this bike, despite being 745 cc, is equipped with v-twin technology. This technology makes the bike supercharged, and it runs like air.

Honda Shadow Phantom Road Clearance:

Heavy bikes being lower, have great road clearance. Just like it, this bike also has superb road clearance.

Honda Shadow Features:

Features of the bike vary according to the price. So here this bike being high price, have all the latest features installed in it. Honda has made sure that the user, after paying this hectic amount, does not feel that he is lagging in terms of features. Although Honda always adds only necessary features in their bikes. The main focus of Honda is always on the shape of the bike. Honda thinks people least care about the features; all they need is a bike with great engine displacement and a sporty shape. But now the trends are changing, and people prefer bikes with all the latest features. Some of the main features of this bike are listed below:

V Twin Engine
41mm fork; 5.5-inch travel Suspension
Single 296mm disc with twin-piston caliper
120/90-17 Front Tyre

These are all the features added to this bike by the company. Honda users are really surprised by the initiative of extraordinary features added to the bike by the company.

Honda Shadow Specifications:

The specifications of this bike are as under:

Trail6.3 inches
Wheelbase64.5 inches
Seat Height26.0 inches
Curb Weight560 pounds
Fuel Capacity3.7 gallons, including 0.9-gallon reserve
Miles Per Gallon56 MPG

This table shows all the specifications of this bike. Here Honda has done a great job when one sees the specifications of this bike. In Pakistan, the same bikes of Honda were being launched again and again, and the sales of Honda in the category of sports bike was relevantly low, but now the imported bike dealers will change the market situation by selling these imported bike.

Honda Shadow Availability in Pakistan 2023:

This is an imported bike. Although imported bike dealers are already importing this bike in Pakistan still, if you can’t find one bike for yourself, then there is no need to worry about getting one imported for yourself by getting in contact with the Honda officials. This is called self-import. Make sure to study the full procedure before making an import yourself so you may know about all the legalities. Moreover, you can also get assistance from any imported bike dealer to help you throughout the import procedure. This was all about Honda Shadow Phantom Price in Pakistan 2023.

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