Mg 4 Price in Pakistan 2023

It’s been many years since the brand MG launched its first car in Pakistan. Mg 4 Price in Pakistan 2023 is discussed here. This is the first company that entered the Pakistani auto market and made success with great sales through only one car. The company’s aim was to be unique in terms of shape and design as well as the engine of the car. MG already knew that Pakistani consumers are now bored by seeing all the same car models launched yearly with some basic changes. So, to please the customer MG came up with something new and succeeded. But now, as you know, it’s been years, and the brand has not launched any new cars in Pakistan.

The company knows that if they still don’t launch a new car, they will lose all their customers in Pakistan. Before it, the company was planning to launch the MG 5 in Pakistan, whose launch couldn’t be possible until now. So now the company aims to launch the MG 4 in Pakistan. No official date has been given yet by the company, so we cannot say anything regarding it. But we are sharing the estimated price as well as the features and specifications by which this car will be covered. This is only for the purpose of making aware the people who are waiting for the launch of this car so they can upgrade their car or buy one for themselves or their family members. The price of this car is as under:

Mg 4 Price in Pakistan:

The price of this car in Pakistan will be somewhere around PKR 7,000,000. Here let me share an interesting fact about the car. This car is an electric car. So, for electric cars, this price is a great initiative taken by the company as it will boost the sales of the company to an extraordinary level. So, let’s hope the price doesn’t increase so that a maximum number of people can enjoy this electric car.

Mg 4 Fuel Type:

The car is operated using batteries. So, no worries about pouring your car with fuel. Just get it charged simply through an adapter provided by the company at your home or bring it to the nearest charging station in your area.

Mg 4 Fuel Type

Mg 4 Charging Type:

With fast charging support, this car can be charged to the fullest in only 35 minutes. What else does an electric car user need? With this feature, you don’t have to wait hours to get your car charged to its fullest or put it at charging overnight. This feature is one of the main highlights of this car. It will help a lot the company to acquire more customers in Pakistan. This feature is also helpful if you plan to take your car on long routes. You can simply get it charged using this fast-charging technology at rest areas and enjoy your journey to maximum and really low price.

Mg 4 Charging Type


Mg 4 Range Per Charge:

As per the company officials, this car can easily go up to 450 km upon a full charge. This is enough for a car with this kind of price bracket. You can also increase the efficiency of this car by driving it on light foot. In this way, the battery life will also be increased as compared to driving it at high speed with hard feet.

Mg 4 Features:

The features of this car are as under:

Electric Charge
Power Steering
Cup Holders
Stability Control
Cruise Control
Alloy Rims
Leather Seats
Adjustable Driver and Passenger Seats
MG autopilot
MG I Smart feature

These are all the features of this car. Here the MG autopilot is simply s great feature added to the car. It helps a lot while driving. Especially when you are a beginner or learning to drive, then this feature is for you. It will assist you a lot while driving. This will save the person from any kind of incident happening on the road. In addition to this, the company has added the MG I Smart feature to this car. This feature helps the user to monitor his car.

Through this app, you can check the charging status of your car using your smartphone. Moreover, this app also helps the driver to find the nearest charging station in his area. Users can also use the climate control of the car using this app. If you are driving and the passenger sitting in the back seat wants to adjust the temperature of the car, they can easily adjust using the climate control feature in the app developed by the company. In this way, the attention of the driver is also not diverted, and he remains focused.

Mg 4 Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as follows:

Length 4287 mm
Width 1836 mm
Height 1504 mm
Wheelbase 2705 mm
Total Power 150 kW (204 PS)
Total Torque 250 Nm

These are all the specifications of this car. Mg lovers will surely like these specs.

Mg 4 Availability in Pakistan 2023:

The car is not yet available in Pakistan. As soon as it gets launched in the country, we will update our users. The expected launch date of this car in Pakistan was March 2023, which has passed. The company has not given any new date until now. So we cannot misguide our viewers by telling them any launch date for this car in Pakistan. So let’s wait for the statement of the company officials regarding the official statement about the launch of this car. This was all about Mg 4 Price in Pakistan 2023.

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