DFSK Seres 3 Price in Pakistan 2023

New automotive brands in Pakistan are not coming slowly these days. DFSK Seres 3 Price in Pakistan 2023 is mentioned here. New cars are being launched one after the other by every other brand in Pakistan these days, and the competition is getting quite tougher day by day. Here we are going to share some information about the upcoming car of DFSK in Pakistan. The car is named DFSK Seres 3 by the company. DFSK is a Chinese brand. The company is Chinese and still has a good reputation all across the globe. Cars the company is running in Pakistan already, include the Glory 580 Pro and prince pearl.

If we go a few years back, people hesitate while buying Chinese cars, but now the trends are changing. All people now want is quality. Whether you are selling a Chinese brand or it’s a Japanese brand, if you have a better-quality product, customers will come themselves. The company DFSK is not limited to Pakistan or China, but its cars are used in more than 80 countries all around the world. This means the company has good standing as no complaints have been seen until now or heard by any individual who is using the car of DFSK. Let’s see what DFSK is now going to give to its users in Pakistan. The details regarding its upcoming vehicle in Pakistan are listed below:

DFSK Seres 3 Price in Pakistan:

The car will be seen selling for PKR 7,000,000 in Pakistan. The price may drop or go even higher. If we look at the prices of cars for the past 1 year the prices of all car companies have only gone up. So, if the trend continues, the price will be even higher when this car gets launched in Pakistan.

DFSK Seres 3 Launch Date:

The car is expected to launch in August 2024 in Pakistan. The car was to be launched before August previously, but due to certain reasons, the company extended the launch date for this car in Pakistan. If we see the previous trends of the company regarding the launch dates, then the company has always launched the car at the same time it announced. Let’s see now whether the company still launches the car at the expected launch date or not.

DFSK Seres 3 Launch Date

DFSK Seres 3 Engine Type:

Here DFSK lovers might be surprised to hear that this car comes with an electric engine. This engine is good enough to make this car roll on roads of Pakistan with thrill as the company has kept the quality of the engine up to the mark.

DFSK Seres 3 Engine Type

DFSK Seres 3 Mileage:

The mileage of this car is superb. With this heavy-weight body, the car still provides a range of 405 km upon full charge. This could be increased if you drive it at a normal speed and follow the company’s instructions to preserve the battery life. DFSK hopes to improve the mileage of this car in the coming years when they move towards more high-quality products so that they can facilitate their customers.

DFSK Seres 3 Features:

The features of this car are listed below:

Power Mirrors
Electronic Power Windows
Power-assisted steering
Cruise Control
Steering Control Buttons
Alloy Rims
Air Conditioner
Cup Holders
Adjustable Seats
Leather Seats
Stability Control
Lane Change Assist

These are all the features of this car. Here fast charging is a common feature that has now started to come in every second electric car. So, following the trend to remain in competition, DFSK has also introduced the fast charging feature in this car. This feature helps the car to charge to the fullest in only 30 minutes. Moreover, if you get your car charged using the ordinary charging feature, then the process is quite lengthy. It will be charged in almost 8 hours if you apply slow charging to it; these features allow the user to use this car without any hesitation.

DFSK Seres 3 Specifications:

The specifications of this car are as follows:

Length 4385 mm
Width 1850 mm
Height 1650 mm
Wheelbase 2655 mm
No. Of Doors 4 Doors
Seating Capacity 5 Persons
Kerb Weight 1765 Kg
Engine Type Electric Engine
Transmission Type Automatic Transmission

These are all the specifications of this car. Most of the specifications, especially the dimensions of this car, resemble the already running car of the company in the market, which is known as the DFSK glory in Pakistan. What else do you need with a car at this price?

DFSK Seres 3 Availability in Pakistan 2023: 

The car will be available at the official outlets of DFSK in Pakistan in August 2024, as per the company officials. Moreover, the dates can vary depending on the company’s policy; if you are also a DFSK lover and are waiting for the launch of this car so that you can buy a new car or get your car changed, then there is no need to worry as something new by DFSK is going to enter the Pakistani auto market.

As soon as this car gets launched in Pakistan or any change comes up in the launch date of this car, we will update our audience. In addition, the car has already been launched in China by the company and is a great success. So if you plan to buy this car before it gets launched in Pakistan, then no need to worry; just pick up your phone and get in contact with the company officials and book one unit of this car for you. This was all about DFSK Series 3 Price in Pakistan 2023.

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