BMW I3 Price in Pakistan 2023 Specs, Features

Here we are going to discuss BMW I3 Price in Pakistan 2023. The car was launched by BMW in Pakistan. Currently, limited units are available for sale due to certain reasons, but soon the company will be sending more BMW I3 cars for sale to Pakistan. Before this, the company BMW through Dewan Motors in Pakistan, successfully launched different cars in Pakistan. All the cars that BMW always sends to Pakistan are more than a masterpiece. The main reason why people like the brand is the high build quality of cars that it offers to its customers.

In Pakistan, most of the car brands have made the quality of the cars low these days. The companies are adding more features, but on the other hand, the quality is being compromised. But BMW always makes a balance between the quality of the product and its features. The company’s every car is almost equipped with the latest features and the build quality of the cars is also up to the mark. Here let’s see what the company is giving to its existing and new users now. The details regarding the newly launched BMW I3 that is to be used in Pakistan are as under:

BMW I3 Price in Pakistan:

The price of this car in Pakistan is PKR 30,868,400. The price is high due to two reasons. First, this car comes in the category of luxury cars, and second, this car is equipped with electric technology. This means forgetting the hassle of going to petrol pumps again and again to get your fuel tank full. Now just, simply plug in the charger of this car before sleeping and get it charged when you wake up in the morning.

BMW I3 Engine Displacement:

The engine displacement of this car is only 647 cc. Many people when heard that this was a luxury car, and they thought that it would have a great engine up to 2000 cc. But BMW surprised most of the users who were curious to know the engine displacement of this car. Here the engine displacement of this car is kept less to make it more efficient. With this type of engine, this car will be able to cover more distance as less power will be consumed. Before this, BMW never launched a car with this kind of engine. So, this car is a surprise for not only the people of Pakistan but BMW lovers all over the world.

BMW I3 Tyre Size:

175/55/R19 size tires are added to the car by the company. This makes the ground clearance of the car much better. This type of tyres suits best on a car with this kind of specifications. Many people buy cars and change the tire size instantly, due to which they get problems with road clearance. Here we always advise our users to keep the tire size the same as recommended by the company. Adding the wrong tires to your car may lead to many problems, such as poor fuel average and much more. So always use the user manual of your car before changing the tyres of your car.

BMW I3 Fuel Type:

This car uses hybrid technology to operate. This means the car is operated using batteries. Here note an important point that these batteries have a specific life after that they are to be replaced. So for the long-lasting life of your batteries, it is advised to get your car checked by an expert every 6 months or get it tunned at a specific date and time. This should be done to keep you aware of the issues arising in your car. It will save you from any major damages in the future.

BMW I3 Body Type:

This is a hatchback car with a small body. The company has designed the car in a way so that it is really suitable to use within the city.

BMW I3 Body Type

BMW I3 Transmission Type:

This car comes with automatic transmission. Almost every hybrid car comes with automatic technology. Manual cars are almost out of the market now, and every car user is now demanding automatic cars. The reason behind this is the peace of mind one gets while driving an automatic car.

BMW I3 Transmission Type

BMW I3 Top Speed:

Despite having this small body, this car still provides a top speed of 170 km per hour. This top speed is quite enough for this type of hatchback car. To increase the mileage of this car, try to drive it below the speed of 100. This will also keep the engine health safe and sound.

BMW I3 Features:

The features of this car are as follows:

Automatic Transmission
Hybrid Technology
Cup Holders
Infotainment System
Adjustable Seats
Power Steering
Automatic Climate Control

These are all the features of this car.

BMW I3 Specifications:

The specifications of this car include:

Length 3999
Width 1775
Height 1578 mm
Displacement 647 cc
Horsepower 170 hp
Seating Capacity 4 – Persons
Ground Clearance 0 mm
Torque 250 Nm

These are all the specifications of this car.

BMW I3 Availability in Pakistan 2023:

Since Dewan Motors is the official dealership of BMW in Pakistan, so if you are also interested in buying this car or any other car of BMW in Pakistan, then you can contact Dewan Motors. They will surely assist you throughout the procedure.

Suppose you want to buy this car in used condition; that’s not a big deal; open up your smartphone or computer and search for available BMW cars in your area. Select a time with the seller to go and see the car. If you like the car, get it checked by an expert or yourself if you have any prior experience with cars. Make sure to check the batteries of the cars by an expert if you are buying this car in used condition, as many used cars have malfunctioned batteries that could be really costly for you to change those batteries in the future. This was all about BMW I3 Price in Pakistan in 2023.

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