Toyota Fortuner Legender Price in Pakistan 2023

The price of the Toyota Fortuner Legender is mentioned here. The car has been running in Pakistan with different variants for years. Legender has been added to the variants of this car in Pakistan. Toyota has changed the shape and specifications of this car in this variant. This car is the love of youngsters in Pakistan these days. The car has gained much popularity in urban areas of Pakistan due to its strong road clearance. The price of this car is our main focus today. So, let’s see at what price this car will be offered to the people of Pakistan. The price of this car in Pakistan is as follows:

Toyota Fortuner Legender Price in Pakistan 2023:

The price of a Fortuner Legender in Pakistan is PKR 20,129,000 as the car is a completely new addition to the automobile industry of Toyota, so the price is kept higher.

Toyota Fortuner Legender Colors:

This car is available in several colors. The Toyota Fortuner lovers can select the car color from a variety of options. Some available colors for this car include:

Toyota Fortuner Legender Colors

These are all the colors in which you can buy this car from Toyota showrooms all across the country. Now it’s on Fortuner users what color they would like to buy.

Toyota Fortuner Transmission Type:

The transmission of this car is fully automatic as the car comes in the luxury category cars, so the company has added this type of transmission to this car. It becomes hectic to drive cars with this kind of shape and specifications with this manual transmission, so none of the variants of this car comes with manual transmission. This has been done for the ease of drivers so that they can control this car easily.

Toyota Fortuner Legender Fuel Average:

The fuel average of this car is 9-11 km per liter. This might be surprising for many people. But the company claims that this car is eligible to provide this kind of sufficient fuel average. The average of this car in the city may drop to 6-7 km per liter. In cities usually the car of every kind of car is reduced as the traffic on roads is increased. It also depends on whether you are driving your car during rush hours or when there is relatively less traffic on the roads.

Toyota Fortuner Legender Engine Displacement:

This car comes with an engine displacement of 2755cc. This engine is capable of getting the car in any corner all around the world. Besides this, many new technologies have been added to the engine of this car to maximize its performance.

Toyota Fortuner Legender Interior:

With a vast air-conditioned interior, it becomes easy for the driver to continue his journey on long routes. Moreover, the extra soft fabric added to the seats of the car keeps the drier comfortable throughout the journey. The only reason why people buy this car is the extra comfort. Moreover the luxury room of this car is also a main aspect people see before buying this car.

Toyota Fortuner Legender Interior

Toyota Fortuner Legender Exterior:

The exterior of this car is attractive. The front look has been changed, and a black grill has been added to the front side of the car. This was not done in previous variants of this car as the company wanted to introduce a separate variant to gain more customers. In addition to this, alloy rims are also added to the car. Although different variants also come with alloy rims this time, the design and shape of the rims both have been changed by the company, yet the alloy rim size remains the same.

Toyota Fortuner Legender Exterior

Toyota Fortuner Legender Fuel Type:

Previously only petrol operated Toyota Fortuner was present in the market. Now this car will be seen running on Diesel. Diesel cars are more efficient and stronger. These types of cars are very common in hilly areas as Diesel is more powerful as compared to petrol when it comes to operating a car.

Toyota Fortuner Legender Features:

The features of this newly added variant to the existing line of Toyota Fortuner are as under:

Automatic Transmission
Hydraulic Power Steering
Ally wheels
3 airbags
7 seatbelts
Speed-sensing auto door lock
Down Hill Assist
Hill Start Assist Control
Child Lock
Blind Spot Detection
Lane Departure Warning

These are all features present in this car. You might have observed that many features of this car resemble the old variants of the Toyota Fortuner. You are right in judging the features. Many of the features of the car are the same as compared to the previously launched model.

Toyota Fortuner Legender Specifications:

The specification of this car is as follows:

Length 4795 mm
Width 1855 mm
Height 1835 mm
Wheelbase 2745 mm
Ground Clearance 279 mm
Seating Capacity 7 persons
Total Number of Doors 5
Horse Power 201 HP @ 3400 RPM
Torque 500 Nm @ 1600 RPM

These are all the specifications of this car. Toyota has kept the dimensions of the car the same. The only change that is done is on the front side of this car. A new look has been provided to the car.

Toyota Fortuner Availability:

This car is available across the country. If you are also a Toyota user and intend to buy a Fortuner, then this is the best option for you as this car. Don’t wait for the moment; get up and visit the nearest Toyota dealership in your area and make a deal. Select the type of variant and the required color, fill out the form there, and make a booking after successful payment. This was all about Toyota Fortuner Legender.

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