Kia Sportage Black Limited Edition Price in Pakistan 2023

Although Kia Sportage has been in the market for previous years, when the company came back to Pakistan, some changes were made to the car. Kia Sportage has been launched in black with some alterations, and the edition is now called the Kia Sportage Black Edition. This has been done by keeping in view the demand from the Kia users who have been using this car in many colors but not black. As you know, black is something that never goes out of style.

Whether it’s a car or any other product, everyone’s preference is black. So, Kia users’ dream to get this car in black color has come true. Now all Kia lovers will be able to enjoy this car in black color. The major changes in this car include the price change and, most importantly, the addition of black color. Let’s see what is the price of this car after the launch by the company. The price of this car is as follows:

Kia Sportage Black Edition Price in Pakistan 2023:

The price of this car in Pakistan is PKR 9,050,000. The price is the same as the day when this car was announced. As it has been less time since the car got launched in Pakistan, the price is expected to increase in the upcoming days. To get yourself safe against the rising prices every day, here we suggest our users pay the full amount upon booking of the car. It will be beneficial for the buyers as they won’t have to pay the additional amount upon the price increase in the future.

Kia Sportage Interior:

Some changes are done to the interior of this car too. To match the interior of the car with its exterior, which is black, the company has made a great color combination. In this way, the look of the car has become more attractive. Besides this, the interior of this car comes with power windows, power mirrors, electronic power steering, beautifully designed KIA logo at the center of the steering of this car. All these things make this car look great.

Kia Sportage Interior

Kia Sportage Exterior:

The finely painted black color has increased the beauty of the car to the maximum. Seeing the other dimensions of the exterior shape of this car, then all the dimensions are the same as only a new addition have come with some changes by the company. The rest of the things remain the same as the previous models of Kia Sportage that are currently in use by Kia users all over the country.

Kia Sportage Exterior

Kia Sportage Fuel Average:

This car can easily provide a fuel average of 10 km per liter. This also depends on the foot of the driver and the speed a driver maintains. The more you keep your speed constant, the more your car gets good in mileage.

Kia Sportage Black Edition Competitors:

Although there are many competitors of the Kia Sportage, if we talk about the black edition separately, then this car will be seen competing with the Hyundai Tucson as it is also being offered in black color. Other SUVs in the same category are also offered in black color but cannot be considered as the competitors of this car as there is much difference between the build quality of these cars.

Kia Sportage Black Top Speed:

The maximum speed this car can attain is almost 200 km per hour. This is quite reliable. The cars of this category can achieve this speed easily as the company has added a powerful engine with all the features a driver needs to obtain this speed. So, people thinking of buying this car to thrill with speed can easily consider it.

Kia Sportage 0-100:

Many car users need to know a 0-100 about the car they are going to buy. So, in this case, the Kia Sportage has proven itself really quickly. This car can go from 0-100 in only 10 seconds.

Kia Sportage Features:

This car comes with different features. Among those features, some are listed below:

Alloy Rims
Power Mirrors
Electronic Power Steering
Cruise Control
Steering Control
Cup Holders
Leather Seats
Air Conditioner

These are all the features the Kia Sportage black edition comes with.

Kia Sportage Specifications:

The specifications chart for this car is as under:

Length4485 mm
Width1855 mm
Height1635 mm
Wheelbase2670 mm
Ground Clearance172 mm
Kerb Weight1544 KG
Seating Capacity5 persons
Total Doors5

These are all the specifications that are added to this car by Kia. Kia Sportage is again all set to rock on Pakistani roads in a new color.

Kia Sportage Availability:

This car is available in different Kia showrooms all around Pakistan. The availability of this car might be low as the company has recently announced the launch of this car. But no worries, if you are interested in buying this car go ahead and walk into the nearest Kia car showrooms in your town or city. The Kia officials are present there to assist you more appropriately.

Moreover, it’s on you whether you want to buy a Black edition for this car or the ones launched by Kia in Pakistan. The most important thing we want to tell our viewers is that this car is a limited edition that the company is offering, so it will be only offered for a specific period. After that, the Kia will stop producing this car in Black color. This was all about Kia Sportage Black Price in Pakistan 2023.

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