Keeway SUPERLIGHT 200 Price in Pakistan 2023

As we know, the trend of sports bikes always stays in style. Here we are going to share Keeway SUPERLIGHT 200 Price in Pakistan. The company in Pakistan has launched this bike. The main thing why people like this bike is that it is a lightweight bike. The bikes with this kind of shape engine and specifications are usually overweight, so it gets difficult for the rider to control it. So, considering this, the company has introduced this bike so that everyone can handle it quickly and enjoy riding with style. Keeway is a Chinese company that has entered the Pakistani bike market recently.

Many people are still not familiar with this bike brand as the company is completely new, and not even any kind of advertisement has been done by the company until now. Still, Without any investment in advertisements, the company can sell a good amount of bikes in Pakistan. The reason behind this is the quality bikes with different features and specifications. The company focuses on quality more than anything, which is the only reason for the success of the company not only in Pakistan but also in other countries where the bike is running successfully. Let’s see what price is being demanded for this bike by the company and what features bike lovers are going to get at this price tag.

Keeway SUPERLIGHT 200 Price in Pakistan:

The price of this bike in Pakistan is PKR 730,000. Where these days, every bike company has increased the price for even the ordinary 125 cc bike; this price is not much but moderate.

Keeway SUPERLIGHT Shape and Design:

The shape and design of this bike resemble the design of Harley Davidson. This bike is a great gift for people who want to enjoy a bike with the shape of a Harley Davidson at a low price. Besides this, the bike is covered with chrome colored silencer that gives a classic sound on the first start.

Keeway SUPERLIGHT Ignition Type:

This bike is a push-start bike. Simply press the button upon sitting on it, and the bike will start instantly. As it is not easy to start a bike using Kick with this kind of specifications and features so this is a great initiative taken by the brand to facilitate the bike users.

Keeway SUPERLIGHT Engine Displacement:

A 200cc engine has been added to the bike. Since there are not many bikes in Pakistan with the 200cc engine so the company would not be able to face any kind of competition in the country, this will be a great opportunity for this brand to make its place in Pakistan until any new bike company offering the same or better bikes in the same category jumps into the Pakistani Automobile market.

Keeway SUPERLIGHT Fuel Type:

Like other bikes being used in Pakistan, this bike is also being operated on fuel. The company may launch electric bikes in Pakistan in the future as the trend of electric bikes in Pakistan has not become much common in the country, so the company keeps the operating system of this bike on petrol.

Keeway SUPERLIGHT Fuel Tank Capacity:

The fuel tank capacity of this bike is 15 liters. This bike will be able to cover a sufficient distance with this fuel tank upon a refill.

Keeway SUPERLIGHT Fuel Average:

The fuel average of this bike is 35 km per liter. It may be low for some people who are new to the company, but no, this is perfect. Since the Honda 125 is a bike equipped with a 125 cc engine that is only able to give an average of 40-45 km per liter, so if we compare this bike with it, its fuel average is far better than it as it comes with a 200cc engine.

Keeway SUPERLIGHT Fuel Average

Keeway SUPERLIGHT Features:

The features of this bike are as follows:

Led Lights
Led Indicators
Powerful Horn
Extraordinary Sound
Smooth Drive
Comfortable soft seats
Good quality paint
Wide tyres

These are all the features of this bike. The stylish LED indicators here have increased the beauty of this bike and have made it classier. The smooth drive here makes the ride more pleasant.

Keeway SUPERLIGHT Specifications:

The specification sheet for this bike is as under:

Bike TypeChines Bike
Displacement200 cc
Engine Type4 Stroke Air-cooled Engine
Front Brake TypesSingle Disc Brakes
Rear Brake TypesDrum Brakes
Seating Capacity2 persons

These are all the specifications of this bike that has made it more reliable to use in Pakistan. Here this bike being lightweight, is only made for a seating capacity of two people, so we will advise the users not to overload this bike as it can damage the shocks of this bike. Bike geeks are gonna love these specifications.

Keeway SUPERLIGHT Availability in Pakistan:

This bike is only available at selected bike showrooms all around the country. Since the company is new, it will take some time to make it more popular and available in more dealerships all over the country. So if you are also a die-hard fan of bikes with this kind of shape and specifications and were not able to buy them due to high prices, then no need to worry Keeway has solved the issue. The company has come up with a bike that will fulfill the dreams of people of any age or gender. You can enjoy this bike under a price range of 1 million. This was all about Keeway SUPERLIGHT Price in Pakistan 2023.

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