A Buyer’s Guide to Improving Car Security

A vehicle is the most expensive and helpful asset that you can have in your daily life. In many ways, we want to keep our assets safe from potential theft and other dangers. Luckily, there are ways that you can improve your car security against such dangers. 

This article covers a quick guide on the best anti-theft accessories that you can purchase in most car shops and commercial aftermarkets near your location. 

How Serious Is Car Theft?

Car theft remains one of the most common crimes committed worldwide; in Australia alone, an estimated that every 11 minutes, a car gets stolen, and recently, a man suffered a head injury after falling from his stolen vehicle in Perth, Australia.

Coincidentally, one of the causes of this alarming rate of theft is unsecured keys and the lack of security accessories, opening a possibility of thieves sneaking into your garages and getting your car along with your valued belongings. If you’re in Perth, get a car locksmith perth service online or anywhere else in your area.

On top of the various car accessories we will discuss, most of them are accessories with a locking mechanism, which is the simplest method of keeping your car safe. With that said, we will showcase the best car locks you can check and move on with other security products you can add with brake locks. 

Universal Wheel Locks

Universal wheel locks are a time-tested and effective product that deters thieves. It works by securely clamping down one of your wheels, making it impossible to do a full rotation. Plus, most clamps are highly visible, with bright shades of red or yellow discouraging would-be carjackers.    

The only visible disadvantage is when you lose your keys to your clamp, you can’t open it, so make you connect with a locksmith near your area or duplicate the keys before using the lock.

Wheel Brake Locks

Simple, easy to install, and made of durable steel. Brake locks ensure your vehicle remains locked and inoperable even if thieves can open the door and hotwire your car. This lock works by attaching the lock between your steering wheel and your brake pedal, clutch, or accelerator. 

It can also be a good self-defense weapon for its durability whenever necessary. Brake locks are a good choice if you’re looking for a cheap supplementary item for your overall security system. Look for a product recommended by most people online that contains an extra set of keys in case you ever lost one. 

GPS Trackers

If your car gets stolen, the best thing you have to do is contact authorities immediately, and having a GPS tracker makes it faster for you to recover your vehicle. 

GPS trackers allow you to check your car’s location in real-time; usually, you plug it into your car’s port, and it starts tracking on your phone through an app after a few minutes of account and vehicle registration. 

What it means is your local authorities can use the tracker to chase your car and prepare roadblocks ahead of time immediately. Most GPS trackers offer a standard tracking feature, but some in-car shops offer various interfaces like fuel economy, diagnostics, and other notifications about your car.

While trackers can’t stop a car thief from running away with your car, you can quickly get it back as soon as possible. It is also recommended that you pair your tracker with security locks whenever possible. 

Motion Sensor Security Lights

A piece of security system best used on private driveways and garages. These lights can be connected to your power supply and pointed at your driveway. Equipped with motion sensors, thieves will be surprised as it will turn on automatically as if the owner is inside the space, discouraging them immediately.

Additionally, you can use this as a convenient method to automatically light up your driving space and make parking safer at night. Some lights have additional features like switch alarms, a camera, and an app feature to track your car on the go. 

Faraday Pouch For Key Fobs

Modern vehicles, especially electric cars, have keyless entry or wireless key switches to make entering a car more convenient. While this is a security feature in and of itself and removes the threat of pick locking, tech-savvy thieves have methods to duplicate the frequency your key fob generates quickly.

A Faraday pouch helps remove that threat. Like the infamous Faraday cage, and these car pouches block out external electromagnetic waves within a small space. This ensures that your wireless keys can’t be duplicated as long as they are inside the pouch. 

Final Thoughts: 

There is no reason why you shouldn’t protect your car from being stolen. It is one of your most expensive assets, and having it stolen can be a financial nightmare, primarily if you rely on them daily. The best way to secure your vehicle is a combination of secure and well-lit space and security locks and trackers to ensure that your car is safe and trackable when needed. 

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