Proton Car Prices in Pakistan 2023

Proton car models are discussed here. Proton is a Malaysian company. The cars of this company have been used in Pakistan for the previous 2-3 years. The cars are capable of any kind of road in Pakistan. There are also certain drawbacks due to which the company couldn’t provide its best to the people of Pakistan. That is also one of the main reasons why the cars of this brand are seen less in numbers on roads in Pakistan. Here we are going to share the cars announced by the company to use in Pakistan for this year. All these cars have been launched in Pakistan, and the sales are already started by the company officials. So, let’s begin our discussion by starting with the car Proton Saga which has been launched by the company in Pakistan. 

Proton Car Prices in Pakistan

Proton Saga:

This is one of the most fuel-efficient cars of this brand. Along with this, this car was the first car launched by Proton in Pakistan. Here this car comes with all the latest features and specifications. Customers still wonder why this car failed in Pakistan. The only reason behind this was the old shape of this car. The shape of this car couldn’t attract people. But people who understand the specs of the car still buy this car because they know this car is gold in this era as the price and, the most important thing, the fuel average of this car is yet economical.

Proton Saga

This car is a sedan, and it still provides an average of 18-20 km per liter. This is just amazing as most of the sedan car users in Pakistan are getting an average of a maximum of 15 km per liter. With this kind of fuel, average users don’t even care about the fuel tank capacity of this car. This is the only reason why sedan car users are also moving towards 660cc cars or lower displacement cars. But here, if you go for a proton Saga the issue regarding the fuel average will automatically be solved. The company has made this car in a way that whether you drive this car on high rave or low, there will be no effect on the fuel average of this car. The fuel average of this car remains consistent in every situation.

Proton Saga Price in Pakistan 2023:

This car comes in 3 different variants. All these variants have different prices. Depending on the current market situation, the latest prices of all the variants that are currently available for this car in the market are as follows:

Proton Saga 1.3L Standard M/TPKR 2,824,000
Proton Saga 1.3L Ace A/TPKR 3,149,000
Proton Saga 1.3L Standard A/TPKR 3,299,000

 These are the prices of these three variants of this car in Pakistan. Here the M/T represents the car with manual transmission. Where these days, different companies have stopped manufacturing manual cars; at the same time, the company is still manufacturing manual cars with the only aim of pleasing their customers. In addition to this, the A/T represents the automatic cars launched by the company in Pakistan, as many new drivers don’t know how to operate an automatic car. Also, with the increasing traffic on roads these days, people are shifting towards automatic cars.

Proton X70:

After the sedan-type car of this brand in Pakistan, there comes the Proton X70. This is an SUV. Just like the Proton Saga, this car also has great specifications and features. This car is covered in features. A user might never be able to explore its full features. The car has been a great success in Pakistan. The price of this car was kept lower at the start when this car was first launched in Pakistan. Due to this, the car gave a strong competition to the brands like Glory and MG in Pakistan.

Proton X70

This car comes with different features, including cruise control as well as stability control. Bedside these features being an SUV, this car is easy to use anywhere in Pakistan. The most important thing a Pakistani driver these days see is the fuel average. Whether it’s an SUV or a Sedan, the fuel average should be up to the mark. Here the fuel average of this car is 7 km per liter. Here this is the crucial part of this car as the fuel average of this car is really low. Kia cars with the same specs provide an average of 10 km per liter. But this car lags when it comes to the fuel average.

Proton X70 Price in Pakistan 2023:

The price of this car in Pakistan ranges between PKR 6,740,000-7,190,000. The difference occurs as the car comes in two different variants. The base variant can be bought for PKR 6,740,000, while if any user is interested in buying an all-wheel-drive version of this car, he may get it for PKR 7,190,000. It is better to go for an all-wheel drive variant of this car as the difference in price is really less, and the car is more efficient when it comes to power, especially when being driven in rough terrains.

Proton Cars Availability Pakistan 2023:

The cars of the company Proton are easily available all across the country. People willing to buy a new car or upgrade to a new one may contact the Proton representatives at the nearest Proton showroom to their home. It is better to schedule an appointment before arriving at the showroom so that the deal may proceed without any hassle. This was all about Proton Cars Prices in Pakistan 2023. 

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