Haval Car Prices in Pakistan 2023

Haval Car prices are discussed here. Haval has become popular in less time. If we see the launch date of the first car of the brand in Pakistan, we will come to know that the brand has made its name in the market in quite less time. Here in this article, we are going to see what cars are being offered by the brand in Pakistan this year to Pakistani people. As this is an international brand, it didn’t take much time for people to understand it. As we know, a review of every product is available on the Internet these days.

So just like it, the reviews of each car are available on the Internet. People took advantage of this, and in return, the brand Haval got benefits as their reviews were good across the globe, which resulted in good sales. Here let’s see which car is available for sale by the brand for Pakistan this year. The current cars of the brand with the latest prices are mentioned below:

Haval H6:

Currently, the brand is only offering this car in Pakistan. This car was first imported into Pakistan. But when the company saw the good sales of this car, the manufacturing process of this car also started in Pakistan. This car is now manufactured in Pakistan too. The company took this step to facilitate the customers as it was the only way the company could earn more profit, and the customers could get the car at a low price. Now many of you might be thinking that the company had compromised on the quality of the car when they started to manufacture it locally in Pakistan. But no, the quality of the car remains consistent. The company aims to provide quality cars to people in any kind of situation. Here are some of the details regarding this vehicle:

Haval H6 Fuel Average:

The car is capable of providing an average of 9-10 km per liter local means when one is traveling inside the city. Besides this, if we see the average of this car on highways, a user can get an average of 13-15 km per liter which is not bad. Besides the fuel average, the fuel tank capacity of this car is 70 liters.

Haval H6 Price in Pakistan 2023:

The price of this car in Pakistan lies somewhere between PKR 9,499,000- 12,149,000. It depends on whether you are buying a car with full options or not. The price also depends on if you are opting for a base variant or a car with an all-wheel drive category.

Haval H6 Price in Pakistan 2023

Haval Upcoming Cars:

The upcoming cars of the brand in Pakistan include the Haval Jolion. This car will be seen running on roads and selling in different Haval showrooms all over Pakistan next year. These cars have changed the concept of cars in the market. The company always comes up with something new that gives strong competition in tough times. Like the Haval H6, this car will also be an SUV. The company is popular in making SUV cars, or you can say that the main product line of the company is SUV cars. The trend of cars is now changing in Pakistan. Previously people liked to buy Sedan cars, but things and the choices of people keep on changing from time to time. Now people prefer cars with a hatchback body type that are equipped with the latest features and specifications.

Haval Jolion:

The car is all set to surprise Haval lovers in Pakistan. The exact launch date of this car has not been announced by the company. The Haval officials will be updating the users through their website or advertisements as soon as this car gets launched in Pakistan. The shape of this car resembles a lot that of the Haval H6. This car is equipped with a power window, electric power steering, automatic parking, and many more new features that will be discovered after its launch and as soon as a Haval user gets a hand on his all-new Haval Jolion.

Haval Jolion

Haval Jolion Fuel Average:

The fuel average of this car lies somewhere between 10-12 km per liter. This can also vary depending on the way you drive your car. It can go as worst as 10 km per liter and as high as 13 km per liter. Usually, people who buy luxury cars like these features and specifications least care about the fuel average of this car. Haval cars are specifically built for a specific class and people who have a taste for SUVs. Here the same has been done in the case of this car.

Haval Cars Availability in Pakistan 2023:

Only the Haval H6 is available for sale in Pakistan. People can buy both locally manufactured Haval cars as well as imported Haval cars in Pakistan. The imported ones are available in used condition, while the new ones are available at Haval showrooms all over Pakistan. Now it depends on whether the buyer wants to go for a brand-new Haval H6 or wants to buy a car in used condition.

The imported units are now left few in number, as I also discussed at the start of the discussion that the company has started to manufacture these cars locally in Pakistan. We here suggest users buy locally manufactured cars of the company in Pakistan as these cars are also the same in specs and features, yet the prices are quite different. The local ones are priced less as compared to the imported ones. This was all about Haval Cars Price in Pakistan 2023.

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