MG Cars Price in Pakistan 2023

MG Cars Prices in Pakistan 2023 are accessible here. Only one has been launched currently by the company in Pakistan. MG is now all set to launch some other models in Pakistan. Here we will be covering all the models that are going to be launched by the company in Pakistan. The company’s first car so-called, the MG HS, was a great success and is running successfully throughout Pakistan without any complaints.

So, seeing the overwhelming response from the consumers now, the company has announced different dates for the launching of different cars. Besides this, the estimated prices of these cars have also been given by the company officials for ease of users. Here one by one, we will see what we are going to get from MG now to use in Pakistan. Let’s proceed first while starting from the MG HS that is already launched by the company in Pakistan.


The first car of the brand MG in Pakistan is the MG HS. This car comes with a manual as well as automatic transmission. But in Pakistan, only Automatic transmission cars of this model are available. The reason why MG does not introduce the Manual transmission variant for this car is the low demand. This car comes in 7 speed DCT automatic transmission. Besides this, the car is offered by the brand MG in both 1500 cc as well as 2000 cc engines. Users can buy the car according to their choice.

MG HS Price in Pakistan 2023:

After the current price hike, this car can be bought at PKR 8,700,000. Previously the car was offered at a low price, but now due to the uncertain economic conditions of the country, the price of this car has gone very high. This was all about MG HS Price in Pakistan 2023.

MG HS Price in Pakistan 2023

MG 3:

Here comes MG 3. MG officials have announced the launch date of this car several times, but the car is yet to appear in the automotive industry. According to the latest news from our sources, this car will be seen launching in Pakistan in February 2024. MG claims that it would be the cheapest car equipped with all the necessary features and specifications. It will be changing the market, as per MG officials. The look and features of this car are designed in a way that grabs the attention of any car lover at first look.

MG 3 Price in Pakistan 2023:

The estimated price given for this car by the company is PKR 3,000,000. Where these days you don’t even get a Suzuki Alto at this price range; you can get a beautifully designed MG 3 covered with unique features and specs. We hope that MG does not change the price till the launch of this car and the market remains stable. In this way, MG lovers will be able to enjoy their all-new MG 3.

MG Cars

MG 4:

This car will also be seen launching in October 2024. Note these dates are announced by the company and can change as per company policies. This car comes with an electric engine. This means the car no more needs petrol to operate. This car is to be charged. For this, different charging stations are also being installed all over the country but are not common until now. According to the company, upon one charge, this car can travel 450 km.

MG 4 Price in Pakistan 2023:

Currently, the estimated price for this car in Pakistan is about PKR 7,000,000. The price is kept low as the company knows that in 2024 several brands will be introducing electric cars in the country, and the competition will be quite high. So in order to compete with other car brands in Pakistan, MG will be pricing its cars low.

MG 4 Price in Pakistan 2023

MG 5:

This car is expected to launch in the month of November 2024. The date is provided by the MG officials and can change depending on the economic condition of the country. This car is equipped with a 1500cc engine. Besides this, the maximum horsepower of this car is 127, and the car can produce a torque of 210 Nm. Along with these things if we see the fuel average of this car which is about 11-14 km per liter. The car will be having tough competition from different cars of Honda, Toyota, and Kia in Pakistan. As per MG officials, this car will prove itself a game changer for the Pakistani car industry.

MG 5 Price in Pakistan 2023:

The estimated price announced by MG for this car is PKR 7,000,000. MG users are really curious to buy this car and are anxiously waiting for its launch in Pakistan. The car has been launched globally in different countries by the company. People are having a great and different experience with this car. MG has worked a lot on the features and comfort level of this car. This car is the most comfortable car among all other MG cars launched by the company till now.

MG 5 Price in Pakistan 2023

MG Cars Availability in Pakistan 2023:

As I have mentioned at the start of the article, currently, only MG HS is available for sale in Pakistan. Other models mentioned in this article are yet to be launched by the company. So, if you plan to buy an MG HS, visit any MG showroom in your area and make a booking. But if you tend to buy a car that is yet to be launched in Pakistan, then you must wait for that specific car to be launched in the country. This was all about MG Cars Price in Pakistan 2023.

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