Jeep Renegade Price in Pakistan 2023

Unfortunately, no automotive company in Pakistan offers jeeps. So, in turn, the jeeps are imported by car dealers. Here we are going to discuss Jeep Renegade Prices in Pakistan. This jeep also comes under the imported lineup of jeeps imported to Pakistan. This jeep has gone much popular in Pakistan. Different jeeps are imported every year to the country. The jeeps are used in hilly areas and different jeep rallies that are held in the country at different places every year. Seeing the great demand for jeeps in the country now, this jeep is available in Pakistan. Imported car dealers take care of the demand of people and import cars from time to time. Here this jeep has different features. Let’s see how we can buy this jeep and what the price would be. In addition, what are we going to get at that price? So, let’s move.

Jeep Renegade Price in Pakistan:

Jeep lovers can buy this jeep for PKR 6,200,000. The price can go up or down depending on the taxes imposed on imported cars. These days all the taxes are removed from the 1800 cc imported car. This is great news for imported car lovers as they will be easily able to buy their dream car at a very less price.

Jeep Renegade Interior:

The interior of this jeep is classy. It gives the feel of an old-school car equipped with advanced features. That’s all that a Jeep lover wants to see in his car. The leather trims added to the steering wheel as well as the door handles of this car, provide a premium look to the interior of this car. The company has also given the users an option to select seat colors according to the exterior of the car. Besides this, a great job done by the company is that the leather seats are environmentally friendly. The leather seats do not get hot in hot temperatures.

Jeep Renegade Interior

Jeep Renegade Exterior:  

The exterior of this car is no more than any luxury jeep. The round-shaped lights at the front of this car look perfect. With these lights, the car looks even bigger from the front. This has increased the beauty of this car a lot. In addition to this, the panoramic sunroof added to the car by the company provides a great view to the passengers and the driver while traveling in pleasant weather conditions. Most jeeps do not come with even a sunroof. But here, to distinguish this jeep from the jeeps of other companies, the company has introduced this sunroof in this jeep.

Jeep Renegade Exterior

Jeep Renegade Engine Displacement:

The engine displacement of this car is 1398cc. This engine is suitable for this type of jeep. The body of this jeep is not too big. So, the company has added this type of engine to this car.

Jeep Renegade Fuel Average:

Most jeeps come with a low fuel average. So here let me tell you about the fuel average of this jeep. The fuel average of this jeep is 8 km per liter. Usually, jeeps have this kind of fuel average as they are mostly used on rough terrains using 4×4 mode, which takes more power than normal driving mode.

Jeep Renegade Transmission Type:

The transmission type of this jeep here is a surprising thing. This jeep comes with a 9-speed automatic transmission. Besides this, it also allows the driver to shift the gears manually. This helps the driver to increase or decrease the speed of this jeep instantly, just like he is driving a manual jeep. As we know, manual cars are more responsive as compared to automatic cars.

Jeep Renegade Competitors:

The competitors of this car may include the Baic BJ40 and jeeps of Mitsubishi that also comes under the imported lineup of jeeps in Pakistan.

Jeep Renegade Features:

The features of a jeep may be different from the features of a car. So the case is quite similar if we see the features of this car. The features of this jeep include:

6 Speakers
6-Way Adjustable Driver Seat
4-Way Adjustable Passenger Seat
Telescoping Steering Column
Front Cupholder
Rear Cupholder
Cruise Control
Steering Wheel Controls
Power Mirrors
Electronic Power Steering
Power Windows

These are all the features of this jeep. Here the 6-way adjustable driver seat and the 4-way adjustable passenger seat are a great addition to the car.

Jeep Renegade Specifications:

The specifications of this jeep are as follows:

Maximum Power 177 hp @ 5750 rpm
Maximum Torque 200 lb-ft @ 1750 rpm
Wheelbase 101.2 inches
Length 166.6 inches
Width 74.2 inches
Height 66.5 inches
Seating Capacity 5 Persons

These are all the specifications of this car.

Jeep Renegade Availability:

If you are also a jeep lover and are thinking of buying a jeep but could not find a good option, then this jeep is for you. This jeep is a mixture of both a classy and sporty look. The company has designed it in a way that people of all ages could benefit from it. This jeep can be bought from different imported car dealers dealing in imported jeeps as well as directly from the company. To buy this car directly from the company, you need to follow the instructions by getting help from the company officials as well as any trusted imported car dealer. Make sure you follow all the procedures as said by the company officials to get this car in new condition without any trouble and legal issue. This was all about Jeep Renegade Price in Pakistan.

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