Yamaha FZ-250 Price in Pakistan 2023

Bike lovers are always in search of something new. Yamaha FZ-250 is going to fulfill the wish of bike lovers all over the country. This bike is ready to roll at tracks in Pakistan. 250cc category bikes were missing from the local lineup of Yamaha. This bike is going to fill that gap. This bike will be seen soon in Yamaha showrooms. Every bike launched by Yamaha until now has been successful in the Pakistani automotive industry. Despite strong competition, Yamaha always wins the heart of its users by fulfilling their demands. The reason why Yamaha has gone stronger than Honda in Pakistan is nothing but fulfilling the consumer’s demands.

This bike is going to give strong competition to the Honda CB 250 F. The price of this bike will be kept low as compared to the Honda CB 250 F so that Yamaha can give strong competition to Honda in Pakistan. Currently, imported units of these bikes are being used by the biker community in different areas in Pakistan as well as company officials are using these bikes in Pakistan for testing purposes. This is being done in order to know the faults in this bike so that the company may fix all the faults in this bike prior to its launch in Pakistan. Let’s see at what price the company aims to sell this bike in Pakistan. The price of this bike in Pakistan is discussed below:

Yamaha FZ-250 Price in Pakistan:

Since the bike is yet to be launched in Pakistan, so, we are going to share the expected price for this bike in Pakistan. The expected price for this bike in Pakistan is around PKR 800,000. The price of this bike is kept high due to the increased features. The company has tried its best to entertain the rider by adding more features to this bike. Every year Yamaha always comes up with a new feature in their bike; that’s why the price also goes high.

Yamaha FZ-250 Colors:

This bike will be seen selling in the following colors in Pakistan:

  • Metallic Black
  • Blue
  • Matte Copper
  • Black

These are all the colors in which this bike will be seen selling in Pakistan. The company has added a wide range of colors for this bike. All these colors are added to this bike by the company by keeping in view the shape of this bike. Finally, Yamaha users will be able to experience something new other than the ordinary red can black color that every other company is offering for their bike.

Yamaha FZ-250 Top Speed:

The estimated top speed for this bike is about 135 km per hour. Besides the top speed, according to the user reviews that we took from different Yamaha FZ-250 bike users, we came to know the 0-100 time for this bike. So here, this bike can go from zero to a hundred in only 9 seconds. Bike enthusiasts are really surprised to see this much speed efficiency for this bike.

Yamaha FZ-250 Fuel Average:

The fuel average of this bike is 38-40 km per litre on ordinary petrol. Moreover, if you opt for high octane, the fuel average may increase to some extent. Here let me clear the doubt of people thinking this fuel mileage is low. This is a superbike, and for such bikes, this kind of fuel average is simply amazing.

Yamaha FZ-250 Fuel Average

Yamaha FZ-250 Design:

This bike is designed differently as compared to other bikes of Yamaha that are currently being used in Pakistan. The seat for the driver is a little bit down while the seat for the passenger is a little bit up so that both can sit comfortably instead of falling on each other and getting disturbed throughout the journey. In addition to this, the beautifully designed graphics in the form of stickers added to its fuel tank and the side covers make the look of this bike more enhanced.

Yamaha FZ-250 Features:

This bike comes with the following:

Tubeless Tyre
Front Led Headlights
Led Indicators

These are all the features of this bike. Here the led headlights are a new addition, as previously Yamaha was offering simple headlights in their bikes. Yamaha has made sure that the features of this bike are up to the mark.

Yamaha FZ-250 Specifications:

The dimensions and engine specifications of this bike are as follows:

Tyre Size Front 100/80 R17
Tyre Size Rear 140/70 R17
Maximum Torque 20.1 Nm @ 6000 rpm
Total No. of Gears 5 Speed
Length 2015 mm
Width 820 mm
Height 1105 mm
Wheelbase 1360 mm
Ground Clearance 160 mm

These are all the specifications of this bike. Yamaha has improved a lot if we see the specifications of this bike and compare it with other bikes of Yamaha that are currently being used all over Pakistan.

Yamaha FZ-250 Availability:

People seeking to buy this bike need to wait a little bit before they can get their hands on their all-new Yamaha YZ-250. This bike can be bought in used condition before launch in Pakistan. Importing this bike wouldn’t be a wise decision as it could cost you more than its price. So, it is better to wait for the official launch of this bike in Pakistan. Besides this, if we see the availability of spare parts for this bike in Pakistan, that wouldn’t be an issue as Yamaha has multiple dealerships all around Pakistan. So, if any part gets malfunctions, that could be easily bought from Yamaha. This was all about Yamaha FZ-250 Price in Pakistan in 2023.

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