Best Fuel Efficient Bikes in Pakistan 2023

The only solution against high prices of fuel these days is Fuel efficient bikes. So we have bought you the Best Fuel Efficient Bikes in Pakistan 2023. These bikes have become a need of every person who travels on a daily basis. These days people who travel long distances also prefer bikes. The reason behind the sale of bikes these days is fuel efficiency. Fuel-efficient bikes come with different engines and specs. It completely depends on the user’s choice and what type of engine displacement they need with fuel efficiency. Let’s see here which fuel-efficient bikes users can buy this year. Some of the top running bikes with good fuel averages for 2023 are as under.

70 cc Fuel Efficient Bikes:

The bikes that come with an engine displacement of 70 ccs are well known for their fuel efficiency. These bikes are most used all over the country. Multiple companies are making 70 cc bikes in Pakistan. Now there comes the main question of whether all these bikes are fuel efficient or only some. The answer to this is that only some bikes have a good fuel average. So the main purpose here of this blog is to make people aware of less fuel-efficient bikes so they can go for a better fuel-average bike and, in return, can save their money and fuel. Some of the most fuel-efficient 70cc bikes being used in Pakistan are as follows:

Honda CD 70:

When talking about fuel average, there comes first the Honda 70. This bike is made especially for Pakistan’s automotive industry. This bike Does not have many features but makes users more than happy by providing extraordinary mileage. The price of this bike has also increased this year, just like other automobiles. But it’s a one-time investment as Honda bikes are long-lasting. Honda lovers can buy this bike for PKR 149,000.

Honda CD 70 2023 Price in Pakistan

Honda CD 70 Fuel Average:

This bike provides a fuel average of 70 km per liter. This average is claimed by Honda Pakistan. It can vary depending on how you ride your motorbike. If you apply more brakes or drive it at more speed, the average may become worse. So certain things are to be followed to attain this fuel average.

United US 70:

The second bike that we are going to cover in the category of 70cc bikes is the United US 70. Like Honda 70, this bike also does not have any special features. The major difference is only about the fuel average and the quality. This bike is priced at PKR 106,500. The bike provides a good fuel average but is relatively less as compared to the Honda 70.

Best Fuel Efficient Bikes in Pakistan

United US 70 Fuel Average:

According to the user reviews of different people who recently bought the latest model of United bike, we came to know the exact fuel average of this bike. The fuel average of this bike is about 50 km per liter. When this bike was first launched in the market, it had less fuel on average. But now the company has made a great effort and made the fuel average relatively better. This bike is one of the best options for users seeking to buy a bike at a low cost with better mileage.

Road Prince RP 70:

This fuel-efficient bike is available in the market for PKR 107,000. The price and features of this bike are almost the same as the United 70. People prefer United over this brand as this bike does not have a good reputation in the market due to certain reasons. At the start when the company started to offer this bike, there was a malfunction in the engine of this bike. So, the company lost its reputation. The company has improved a lot in terms of quality but still couldn’t get the proper attention of consumers in the country. You can go for this bike if you like its design as compared to the United US 70.

Road Prince 70cc Bike

Road Prince RP 70 Fuel Average:

The fuel average of this bike lies somewhere between 45-50 km per liter. Chinese bikes have mostly the same fuel average. These bikes come with a 72cc engine, while Honda 70 comes with an engine displacement of 68cc. That is also one of the main reasons why these bikes are speedier and why the Honda cd is a little bit slower when it comes to speed. Just like this, the fuel average also varies due to the engine displacement. The small engine of the Honda 70 has a relatively better fuel average, while Chinese bikes being 72cc, provide a relatively less fuel average.

125 cc Fuel Efficient Bikes:

After the 70cc bikes, there come the bikes with an engine displacement of 125cc. There is a huge variety of 125 cc bikes in Pakistan. But unfortunately, only some are good in terms of mileage. 125 cc bikes are the love of youngsters. The main reason why people buy these bikes is due to their extraordinary performance and, the most important part, the sound of these bikes. One of the most common fuel-efficient 125cc bikes being used in Pakistan is as under:

Honda CD 125:

Although there are different variants of the Honda 125 in Pakistan, the most economical, as well as the most fuel-efficient, is only the Honda CD 125. This bike has been used in the automotive industry of Pakistan for several years with no complaints until now. The current price of this bike is PKR 222,900.

Honda CG 125

Honda CD 125 Fuel Average:

The fuel average of this bike gets better when it is being driven on high octane while it is relatively reduced when it is operated using simple petrol. On high octane, this bike provides an average of 50 km per liter, while when it is driven on petrol, it gives an average of 40 km per liter.


All these bikes are easily available all over the country at their respective showrooms. People having an interest in these bikes can visit the relevant showroom whenever they get the time and can buy any bike that they think is good to fulfill their needs. This was all about Best Fuel Efficient Bikes in Pakistan 2023.

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