JW Forland 2023 Price in Pakistan New Model Specs

Here we are going to discuss JW Forland 2023 Price in Pakistan. This vehicle is being used in Pakistan by different companies who are in the business of import exports as well as who have to carry their items from one place to another on daily basis. This vehicle can easily carry tons of items as it is designed in a way to carry maximum items with such a strong engine. Now without any wait let me tell you more about this vehicle while starting from the price of this vehicle which I am going to mention below:

JW Forland 2023 Price in Pakistan:

The price at which these vehicles are being offered in Pakistan are as under:

FORLANDC10PKR 3,000,000
FORLANDC19PKR 4,000,000

These are the prices of all the heavy as well as light vehicles of this company that are being used in Pakistan.

JW Forland 2023 Features:

Below are all the features that come in almost all the vehicles of this company in Pakistan.

Clutch(mm)Diaphragm -spring clutch 180×25
Clutch(mm)Diaphragm -spring clutch 215
Driven System5 Speed
Gear Ratio“1:4

These are all the features that the company has given in all their vehicles which are amazing as no company in Pakistan is giving these features in these kinds of cars in Pakistan.

JW Forland 2023 Specifications:

The specifications by which all these vehicles are equipped are as follows:

Bore X Stroke(mm)6.5×78
Compression Ratio9.3:1
Emission StandardEuro IV
Fuel TypePetrol
Type“Four-Cylinder four stroke
Bore X Stroke(mm)80×90
Compression Ratio18.0:1
Displacement (cc)1809
Emission StandardEuro I
Fuel TypeDiesel

These are all the specifications by which all of these vehicles are equipped with. These all specifications are a necessity of these kinds of vehicles.

JW Forland Availability:

This car is available at different JW car dealers all over Pakistan. People who are interested to buy any JW vehicle for themselves or their businesses can contact their nearest JW showroom. This was all about JW Forland 2023 Price in Pakistan.


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