Two Seater cars in Pakistan 2023 prices

The demand for two-seater cars is low in Pakistan because they are luxury cars, although their efficiency is high. So that’s why today we have brought Two Seater cars Pakistan 2023 prices.

Mostly, the majority of the two-seater vehicles are sports cars. In addition, the two-seater car’s cost is within different ranges from 10 lakhs rupees to 1 million rupees; it depends on the company who design it. Many popular car manufacturers are now developing two-seater vehicles because they are emerging vigorously in the auto sector.

Furthermore, the car of the famous car brand makes a sophisticated two-seater vehicle that runs faster and smoothly; in this way, the better the off-road experience of the traveler. Most two-seater car owners are celebrities and business people; they use these cars because these autos move faster, so the vehicle owner reaches the particular place in less time and does not buffer that they are wasted. Instead, they are happy and active in doing the specific task with full attention.

On the other hand, the maintenance of this vehicle costs less money than the other cars. And you know, it is a basic need because, without proper care and look after, the car rusts and creates problems in the drive, and sometimes the cause of the crash is the improper maintenance of the vehicle. Two Seater cars in Pakistan 2023 prices has been increased.

Daihatsu Copen Robe 2023

Daihatsu and Toyota are now partners. The Daihatsu Copen Robe is a 658cc turbocharged engine car delivering a maximum output of 63 hp at 6400 RPM and 92 Nm torque at 3200 RPM. In addition, its transmission type is automatic as well as manual. The top speed of this two-seater recorded is 140 km/h.

Daihatsu Copen Robe 2023

Price of Daihatsu Copen Robe in Pakistan 2023

The price of Daihatsu Copen Robe is economical, and the cost of used cars depends on the overall condition and the engine performance quality of the vehicle. In addition, the engine checks how many miles it runs. The drop in its price from the original and market price of this vehicle is because it is used roughly. The Daihatsu Copen Robe vehicle is easily accessible to customers all over the country.

Price of Daihatsu Copen Robe in Pakistan 2023PKR 19.5 – 23.0 Lacs
Price of Daihatsu Copen Robe in 2023


The thundering BMW Z4  is a two-seater car assembled on an efficient aerodynamics body and balanced weight distribution. It is an iconic piece of BMW in the series of sports cars. In addition, the BMW Z4 has various engine options, including 2000cc, 2500 cc, and 3000cc. Furthermore, it has an 8-speed Steptronic transmission, which provides excellent driving performance.


The exterior of the BMW Z4 is beautiful. At the same time, the interior of this sports car is made highly spacious and comfortable with ambient 11 predefined lights on door trims, instrument panel, and center console. In addition, it consists of 2 high-quality digital displays with 10.25 inches resolution to make the journey unforgettable.

Price of BMW Z4 in Pakistan 2023

The price of this car is more than the other two-seater car because it is a luxury sports car that comes in a bundle of features. The cost of BMW depends on the overall condition, and the engine performance dramatically matters in the up and down in the price of this car. Primarily, if the car crashes one time, then the notches of crash decrease its value and drop its price from the original and market price of the car.

Price of BMW Z4 in Pakistan 2023PKR 23,632,700
Price of BMW Z4 in 2023

In Pakistan, BMW cars are easily accessible to customers all over the country.

Honda S660

The Honda S660 is a two-seater small convertible car with a roll-back cloth top. Coming to the engine of this compact car, it has a six-speed manual or CVT transmission mechanism.

In simple words, it is available in both automatic transmission and manual transmission. And the displacement capacity of this car is 660cc. In addition, the turbo three-cylinder engine in this car yields a whopping 66 horsepower.

Honda S660     

On the other hand, Honda S660’s top speed recorded is 87mph.

Price of Honda S660 in Pakistan 2023

Honda S660 is very economical and easily accessible in Pakistan. The price is comparable to the five-seater car. Still, it is because of the high-quality features, including multifunctional steering, daytime running lights, electrically powered mirrors, moonroof, auto climate control aircon, reverse sensors, navigation system, and reverse cameras. After studying these features, the price is not so high.

Price of Honda S660 in Pakistan 2023PKR 27.4 Lacs (Used)
Price of Honda S660 in 2023US$15,929 to US$23,249

Toyota C-plus Pod

It is a lightweight and small car perfect for long journeys. In addition, the Toyota C plus pod weighs 680 kg and is 98 inches long with 51 inches in width. Apart from this, the battery-powered fuels in this car aim to save energy and reduce pollution. It saves a lot of money spent on petrol and regular maintenance. Furthermore, Its 9.1 kW lithium-wool battery powers it and can travel 93 miles fully charged.

Toyota C-plus Pod

Price of Toyota C plus pod in Pakistan 2023

The price of a Toyota C plus pod is slightly lower than the Honda S660. However, the features are approximately the same in both cars.

Price of Toyota C plus pod in Pakistan 2023PKR 2.5 million
Price of Toyota C plus pod in Pakistan 2023

Mini EV

Mini EV is another electric two-seater car in Pakistan. However, in Pakistan, it is not launched yet, but soon you will see it on the roads of Pakistan. It is a lightweight and small car.

Mini EV

The mini EV car is available in two variants. The base variant is equipped with a 9.2 kWh battery pack, while the latter comes with a 13.8 kWh battery. These batteries are enough to move on the road fast. Furthermore, Its advanced features include ABS brakes, stereo system, tire pressure sensors, parking sensors, power windows, power steering, and other infotainment features.

Price of mini ev in Pakistan 2023

The price of this EV is lower than the other two-seater car.

Price of Mini Ev in Pakistan 2023PKR 1.5 million
Price of Mini Ev in 2023

Final words

The engine of this two-seater car is powerful enough to make the ride perfect because they are small and move on every type of road quickly. The excellent quality material is used in the manufacturing of this car engine to better the off-road experience of the car owners. After reading this article, you will be able to examine whether all the two-seater cars are safer than others. Moreover, the mileage of this small car is good.

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In the end, we hope that you like our series of Two Seater cars in Pakistan 2023 prices.

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