Hummer EV Price in Pakistan 2023

The company is well known for its solid cars. Hummer EV Price in Pakistan 2023 is available here. Hummer cars are not used much in Pakistan. But still, there are people who think Hummer is the perfect match for them. So here this article is especially only for hummer lovers. The world is moving from petrol towards EV cars. Different cars of the Hummer that have been imported to Pakistan include the Hummer H1, The H2, and the most well-known and most used Hummer H3. Imported car dealers got an overwhelming response from Hummer lovers when they provided them with these cars.

So, keeping this in view, the imported car dealers in Pakistan are thinking of importing the EV recently launched by Hummer in Pakistan. Here we will be sharing some of the features of this car. Hummer cars have always been a trendy topic in the Automotive industry of Pakistan. The competitors of Hummer itself agree that they will never be unable to make a car that can beat Hummer in terms of specification and features. The quality of Hummer cars cannot be judged. So let us see what Hummer has introduced in their latest EV. As this car has already been launched in various countries, to grasp the attention of users, let us introduce you to the price of this car first.

Hummer EV Price in USA:

Since the company does not manufacture this car in Pakistan and it is only imported to Pakistan. So first, we will be sharing the price of this car in the USA. In the USA, this car can be bought for $87,000.

Hummer EV Price in Pakistan:

Keeping in view the price above, in Pakistan, Hummer lovers can buy this car for PKR 25,044,933. Note this price does not include taxes and customs duties. The customs duties and taxes are to be paid against this price according to the government rate at the time when the car is being imported to the country. The taxes vary from time to time, sometimes low or high, depending upon the economic stability of the country.

Hummer EV Available Colors:

This electric vehicle comprises different colors that are mentioned below:

  • Jet Black
  • Light Grey
  • Lunar Shadow
  • Dark Bronze
  • Metallic

There is a wide range of colors that are mentioned in the catalog of Hummer. These colors can be selected upon import. Hummer lovers can see online how this car looks in all these colors.

Hummer EV Engine:

When buying a Hummer, you should not worry about the engine displacement and specifications. Hummer knows what their users are seeking in their future cars. Here in this car, the company has added an extraordinary engine that can go from zero to sixty in only 3 seconds. This would be one of the fastest times an EV touches the speed of 60. There are other cars that even go much faster in 3 seconds, but they are ordinary sedans. Hummer cars are more solid, due to which these cars have more weight. So this 0-60 in only 3 seconds is simply amazing for a car with this kind of specification.

Hummer EV Engine

Hummer EV Charging time:

The most important part here is the charging time of this car. The charging time of this car is about one to two hours. It depends on whether you are using the AC or DC charging system to charge it. Moreover, if you plug in the charger for 1 hour, then it is easily able to cover 16 miles.

Hummer EV Horsepower:

The horsepower of cars with specifications like these is really amazing. This car can produce an estimated horsepower of 1000. This horsepower is quite enough as this car can easily travel on any kind of road, such as sand or mountains, without any trouble.

Hummer EV Transmission Type:

As it is an electric car. So many of you might have already guessed that it comes with automatic transmission. No electric car comes with manual transmission. So just like other ordinary electric cars, this car also comprises automatic transmission. The young generation these days only prefer automatic cars as they are easy to drive.

Hummer EV Transmission Type

Hummer EV Features:

The features of this electric vehicle are as follows:

Anti-Lock-Braking System
Adaptive Cruise Control
Push Button Start
Keyless Open and Start
Steering wheel audio controls
Heated steering wheel
Wireless Phone Charging
Stability Control System
Automatic Braking System
Driver Airbags
Passenger Airbags

These are some of the amazing features that this electric vehicle comes with. The company has added all the latest options to make sure that the users get a compact car. The aim of the company has always been to satisfy its customers.

Hummer EV Specifications:

The specifications of Hummer EV are as under:

Length 216.8 Inches
Width 86.67 Inches
Height 79.1 Inches
Wheelbase 135.62 Inches
Seating Capacity 5 Persons
Engine Type Electric
Transmission Type Automatic

These are all the specifications of this car. The specifications of all the models of Hummer EV are almost the same, but features are relevantly different. The reason for the difference in features is the difference in prices and the differences in variants.

Hummer EV Availability:

As I stated at the start of the article that this car is only imported to Pakistan. Recently the company has launched this car internationally in different countries. So if you are interested in buying this car, you can get it booked by getting in contact with the company officials. The company officials will guide you through the whole procedure. Other than this, the time taken for the delivery and further the time to get this car imported to Pakistan will also be provided by the company officials. It depends on the bookings the company has made before you turn. This car is probably one of the best EVs in the category of 4×4 cars. This was all about Hummer EV Price in Pakistan 2023.

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