How does team truck driving work?

The average salary of a truck driver in the USA remains steady at approximately $80,000 per year. However, drivers who choose to work in teams have the potential to earn even higher wages than their solo counterparts. Many truckers are curious about the specifics of team driving, and it essentially involves two licensed drivers taking turns driving a large truck. While one driver is behind the wheel, the other can rest, and they alternate throughout the trip. This system allows for longer driving shifts and more distance covered in less time, which often translates into higher earnings for the team.

Despite the intense demand for workers in the trucking industry, there are a variety of job opportunities available to drivers at every stage of their career, whether they are just starting out or have years of experience. This means that drivers have the flexibility to choose a job that aligns with their skills and preferences.

Team driving is particularly appealing to drivers who want to work with their spouse or partner, but many large carriers also offer incentives for solo drivers to join a team. While team driving can offer several benefits, including higher pay, it also comes with unique challenges, such as spending long stretches of time away from family and friends. It’s important for drivers to carefully consider all aspects of team driving before making a commitment.

How does team truck driving work?

If you think a career as a truck driver means a monotonous job all by yourself, think again! Team truck driving offers an alternative approach to delivering goods, where two drivers work together to get the job done. When working as a team, each driver has equal driving time, responsibilities, and shares the same truck. This approach allows teams to work more efficiently than solo drivers, with one driver behind the wheel while the other rests, prepares for their shift, or provides support and advice.

Many companies, like HMD Trucking, hire team drivers because they can cover long distances in a shorter amount of time, which leads to a faster turnaround and better customer service. This is essential for meeting the demands of modern transportation services.

But team driving isn’t just about speed and efficiency. It also provides an opportunity for drivers to work with a partner and build a strong working relationship. This can be particularly appealing to those who prefer social interaction and want to avoid the isolation that can come with a solo driving career. Additionally, team drivers can split the physical demands of driving, such as navigating through challenging terrain or handling heavy loads, which can reduce the risk of injury and fatigue.

Team truck driving has great advantages

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is of the essence, transportation companies are increasingly looking for ways to deliver goods faster. This is where team truck driving comes in. The benefits of this method of driving extend beyond meeting the demand for faster transportation.

Earning More

Working as a team, truck drivers can cover more miles, which means they get paid more per mile. Many companies also offer team drivers larger sign-on bonuses than their solo counterparts. Despite earnings being split in half, team drivers still earn more than solo drivers because they deliver loads twice as fast. Depending on the company, team drivers can earn an average of $500 more per week than regular drivers.

Partnering with Your Spouse

Getting a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and becoming an owner-operator can be an opportunity for married drivers to work together and reap the benefits of team driving. As a team, all earnings stay in the family. Building teamwork becomes much easier when you already know how your teammate lives and works. Additionally, spending long hours on the road with your spouse is a great way to stay connected, unlike solo drivers who may spend weeks or months away from home and family.

Increased Safety

Long hours on the road increase the risk of fatigue and falling asleep at the wheel. Team driving greatly reduces this risk, as drivers take turns behind the wheel, allowing for adequate rest and recuperation. Furthermore, in case of injuries or illnesses, working as a team ensures that one driver can take care of the situation while the other continues driving

Extra Help

Sharing the driving duties between two drivers makes the work more efficient. Unloading and loading cargo, backing up in tight spaces, and carrying out pre-shift inspections are all tasks that can be done more quickly and safely when there are two people working together. This extra help saves time and prevents accidents that could occur when one driver tries to handle these tasks alone.

Are you ready for team truck driving?

Certainly, team truck driving offers some remarkable benefits, but they shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when considering this approach.

If you have no prior experience with team driving, it may be challenging to determine if it is a suitable profession for you. Do you feel confident that you can endure spending an enormous amount of time with one person in a confined space? For many individuals, personal space is highly valued, even for married couples. When you have a co-driver in the cab, you must be mindful of how they live and work since you will be spending weeks on the road together. It’s essential to realize that team truck driving demands a significant commitment.

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