Honda Civic Hatchback Price in Pakistan 2023

Imported car dealers have started to import Honda Civic Hatchback. Its Price in Pakistan is available here. When we talk about civic specifically, people are curious. The Honda civic has always been the king of roads in Pakistan due to its outclass and classy looks. The main reason why people buy this car is its comfort. Most of the Honda civic cars sold by the company locally in Pakistan are sedans. But market demands are now shifting. People are now also preferring the Honda civic in this shape. The reason behind this is that people want something new. So people are importing this car through several car dealers in the country. Let’s see why the market is switching and other exciting things about this car while starting from the price of this car.

Honda Civic Hatchback Price in Pakistan:

The price of this car in Pakistan starts from PKR 4,800,000 and goes to PKR 8,000,000. The cost of this car depends on the model year you are buying. It depends on the choice of user that which model he likes. Many youngsters like this car as they are old-school car lovers. They purchase old civic with a different shape so they can design it in their own way, as Honda Civic is also known best for project cars. Different car crews in Pakistan prefer Honda Civic hatchback cars these days.

Honda Civic Hatchback Competitors:

Currently, there are no competitors of this car in Pakistan. The reason behind no competitors of this car in the country is that people are not much aware of other hatchbacks that are much better than this car. So dealers are only importing this car for the time being. If the other hatchback cars started to import into Pakistan, then this car would surely have tough competition.

Honda Civic Hatchback Engine:

This car comes with a 2000cc engine. Having such an engine with a hatchback body not only enhances the performance of this car but also the fuel efficiency is quite surprising.

Honda Civic Hatchback Comfort:

The car comes with 5-way adjustable leather seats. Honda cars are always known for their comfort. Besides this, for the comfort of people, all the necessary functions like climate control, air conditioner, and heater are added in this car.

Honda Civic Hatchback Fuel Efficiency:

The fuel efficiency of this car is 30-40 mpg. If we compare this fuel average with other cars of Honda of the same league, the fuel average is quite less. The hatchback was made specifically for the purpose of a good fuel average with an efficient small body size.

Honda Civic Hatchback Interior:

Different features have been added to the interior of this car for the convenience of the driver. The interior of this car comes with the best lighting, leather seats, armrests for both passengers as well as the driver, and Cupholders at the front as well as the rear side. These features are necessary for every car these days.

Honda Civic Hatchback Interior

Honda Civic Hatchback Exterior:

Talking about the exterior of this, the body size is reduced due to the removal of the trunk as its body is a hatchback. Besides this, the exterior of this car is equipped with high-quality led lights along with fog lamps.

Honda Civic Hatchback Exterior

Honda Civic Hatchback Road clearance:

The most important thing here about which every car user is concerned is road clearance. The road clearance of this car is superb. You might have seen different cars of Suzuki and Toyota, being used in Pakistan that are really high from the road. Due to the height of Honda and Suzuki cars that are being used in Pakistan, they may not get hit by speed breakers, but the road clearance of the car is destroyed, and the car shakes at high speed, especially when one is traveling on highways. In the case of the Honda Civic, the company has made the height of the vehicle the same as that they are offering internationally, so the Civic hatchback also comes with a low height with a built purpose of good road clearance.

Honda Civic Hatchback Features:

The features of this car are mentioned in the table below:

18-Inch Alloy Wheels
6-Speed Manual Transmission or CVT
Apple CarPlay® Compatibility
Wireless Phone Charger
Wireless Phone 9-Inch Color Touch-Screen

These are all the features of this car. Most of the features of this hatchback resemble other Sedan cars of Honda used in Pakistan that are manufactured locally. This car only differs in shape mainly from sedan-type Honda civic cars. In addition, due to the hatchback type body, the truck space of this car is quietly reduced as the sedan-type Honda civic cars have a comparatively greater trunk size.

Honda Civic Hatchback Specifications:

Below are some of the specifications of this car, including the dimensions and ground clearance:

Length 4687 mm
Width 1802 mm
Height 1432 mm
Horsepower 127 – 176 hp
Top Speed 260 KM/H
Transmission Type Automatic/Manual
Maximum Torque 180 – 220 Nm
Ground Clearance 154 mm
Seating Capacity 5 persons
Tyre Size 215/55/R16

These are all the specifications of this car.

Civic Hatchback Availability in Pakistan 2023:

As we discussed from the start of our discussion that this car is imported in Pakistan, so you might have already judged that this car is not manufactured in Pakistan. The company may start manufacturing hatchback-type Honda civic in Pakistan when they see demand from the public. But currently, you have to buy this car in used condition or get it imported for yourself through any imported car dealer near you. This was all about Honda Civic Hatchback Price in Pakistan. If you’re thinking of buying a hatchback with the most features and best specifications with good built quality, then this car is a perfect match for you.

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