BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Price In Pakistan 2023

BMW ActiveHybrid 5 price in Pakistan is discussed here. BMW Cars are not manufactured but only imported into Pakistan. Just like other cars of BMW being used in Pakistan, the importer of this car is only Dewan Motors in Pakistan. This car falls under the category of luxury cars and is often seen less on the roads of Pakistan. If we see other vehicles in its league, this car has the best specifications and features. Currently, several vehicles are listed for sale by different BMW users on various platforms by BMW users. Let’s see at what price interested people can buy this car. The cost of this car is as follows:

BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Price in Pakistan:

The price of this car ranges between PKR 9,500,000-10,500,000. The price is high due to the increase in import charges. In addition, BMW cars are always priced high due to the luxury features and specifications added to this car by the company.

BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Fuel Average:

The fuel average of BMW cars has always been a significant concern. Most of the people buying luxury cars complain about the average fuel. This issue of BMW users is also solved as the company introduced the Hybrid technology in their vehicle so that no one will surely complain about the fuel average. Here let me clear to you that the fuel average of this car is relevantly much better than other models operated using petrol in Pakistan.

This car provides an average fuel of 15.6 km per liter. For this kind of efficient fuel average, it is mandatory that you do not exceed the speed limit above 100. Otherwise, the fuel average will be low.

BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Interior:

The interior of this car is no less than a hotel room. It has all the necessary features installed that a driver can only dream of. But BMW has turned the dreams of drivers into reality by installing different features in the interior of this car. The interior of this car comes with massage seats which are really helpful if you’re traveling on a long journey. These seats can help you relieve your stress. Besides this, the rear Ac vents make the car really cool. It seems you’re not driving but having rest peacefully in your bedroom. BMW is not only a car but a home for car lovers. The price of the car fulfills all the needs of the driver and the passengers.

Bmw Activehybrid 5 Interior

BMW ActiveHybrid Exterior:

The exterior of this car is the same as other BMW cars being used in Pakistan. The company is offering five different colors for this car. The buyers will have a choice of brown, red, white, silver, and metallic colors for this car. Other than these colors, the exterior of this car is equipped with different extraordinary sensors that include auto brakes. This feature is really helpful if you’re unconscious due to any reason while driving, as it prevents the car from hitting an object. Automatic brakes are applied due to the advanced features installed in this car.

Bmw Activehybrid Exterior

BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Features:

The features of this car are as under:

Heated Seats
Rear AC vents
Dual climate control
Cruise Control
Electronic Parking
Cup holders
Driver Airbags
Passengers Airbags
Apple Play

These are all the features of this car. Most of the features of this car resemble other cars of BMW in Pakistan as BMW is the top name in the luxury car market, so they mostly add all the latest features in their every car model. That’s the reason why the features of these cars also resemble.

BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Safety Features:

Where BMW is never behind when it comes to features; at the same time, the company is always thinking about providing the best safety features to its customers. Here for safety purposes, the company has added both passenger-side airbags along with driver-side airbags. Along with these, the steering airbags are also installed in this car to prevent both the driver and passengers from any kind of injury from happening. These features are necessary for all cars, whether they are luxury or not, as human life is much more important than any other thing in this world. Besides this, seat belt indicators and child locks are also available in this car. Note one important thing here if the seat belts are not applied, the airbags do not open ups when the car gets hit. So it is important to wear seat belts always.

BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Specifications:

The specifications of this car are mentioned below:

Engine TypeHybrid
Transmission TypeAutomatic
Maximum Torque332 lb-ft @ 1,300 rpm
Maximum Horsepower335 hp @ 5,800 rpm
Length193.4 inches
Width82.4 inches
Height57.6 inches
Ground clearance5.6 inches

This car comes with these specifications only.

BMW ActiveHybrid Availability:

Thinking of buying a BMW ActiveHybrid for yourself, and not sure whether this car is available in Pakistan or not. Don’t worry; we will guide you properly. BMW Cars are only imported by Dewan motors in Pakistan. Since the start, they have been the official importers of BMW cars in Pakistan, so you can easily get imports done through them.

Moreover, if you’re interested in buying this car in its used condition, that is not a big problem. For this, you can open up any car-selling website. Set your location select a car that suits your budget and schedule a meeting with the owner and buy that car. But make sure to take any expert or a well-known car mechanic with you when buying a used car as the engine health and the body health of the car is to be checked. Only an expert can tell you the engine health of the car and whether the car has been in any road accident previously or not. This was all about BMW ActiveHybrid 5 price in Pakistan.

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