PayPal Deposits At Online Casinos – Pros And Cons

Over the years, the online casino has been developing more and more, and a large number of users, every day, decide to play one of the online casino games, and in order to be able to use the online casino, they need funds in their account, so that’s why, an increasing number of casinos support more and more online payment methods, in order to make it easier and faster for their users to make money payments. One of the most commonly used online payment methods is PayPal.

What is PayPal and how does it work?

PayPal is an online payment platform, which was created 25 years ago in California, and has been owned by eBay since 2002. Thanks to its many years of existence, as well as the security and convenience it provides to users, PayPal has won numerous recognitions and awards. PayPal allows users to send and receive money using this platform. In order to be able to make payments or receive payments, you need to have a PayPal account. You can link your PayPal account with your bank card to top up your account. When you want to make a payment, you only need to select PayPal as the payment method on the site where you pay for the service or product, enter your account information, and then the funds from your PayPal account will be transferred to the recipient’s account. Every time a payment is made through PayPal, you receive a notification by email. In the same way, you can make a deposit payment to your online casino account.

What are the best PayPal casinos in India?

When you decide to play an online casino, you need to deposit money into the casino account in order to be able to play. If you mainly use PayPal for money transfers, the easiest way for you would be to make a payment to your online casino account that way. You must be wondering if the casino supports the PayPal payment method, so below we will list some of the best PayPal casinos in India to help you choose the right casino for you.

–        Axe Casino – in this casino, you can expect big welcome bonuses, as well as 450 free spins, upon first registration. In this casino, you can make your deposit via PayPal.

–        Fun88 – a very popular online casino in India, which gives great welcome bonuses. During your first registration, you will also receive 50 free spins. This casino supports the PayPal payment method.

–        Paripesa – generous bonuses and 150 free spins await you upon first registration. This casino offers over 2500 casino games and you can make your deposit payment via PayPal.

–        Betway – one of the most popular online casinos in India, which offers the possibility of depositing via PayPal. Generous welcome bonuses await you on your first registration.

–        Casibee – this casino offers a large number of live casino games, and you can make deposits via PayPal.

How to use PayPal?

Using PayPal is very easy and you will not have any difficulties while using this platform. Once you have found a casino that suits you and that also supports PayPal as a deposit payment method, all you need to do is select the option for deposits/withdrawals, and then select PayPal as the method. Once you’ve done that, you need to enter your PayPal account details and enter the amount you want to deposit into your online casino account. Very quickly, your transaction will be confirmed and you will have funds in your casino account. When you want to withdraw money from your online casino account, the process is the same. You find and select the deposit payment/withdrawal option, select PayPal as an option, and then enter the amount you wish to transfer to your PayPal account and also your PayPal account details. Very soon, the amount you specified will be transferred to your account.

Is PayPal safe?

One of the data that shows how secure PayPal is, is that over 20 billion transactions are made annually through PayPal, and that there are over 450 million users. After each PayPal transaction, you receive an email confirmation, so it is impossible for there to be secret transactions in your account. Also, PayPal uses an SSL encryption system (secure sockets layer), which makes all data unreadable when sent between two parties. Also, it is necessary to take care of the security of online casinos, because it often happens that users choose an unreliable casino, where after withdrawing funds to their PayPal account, they experience a shock. The money never reaches their account. Then users usually think that PayPal has cheated them, but the proof of how much PayPal cares about its users is that, in such situations, PayPal protects its users and takes their side during court cases.

The pros and cons of PayPal.

For years, users have expressed their opinion, based on which PayPal has been improving over the years and trying to make it as easy as possible for its users to use the platform. These are some of the main advantages and disadvantages.


PayPal is very easy to use;

There is no subscription fee;

Very fast payment and disbursement of funds;

High level of user security;

It is available in a large number of casinos;

Application for Android and IOS


PayPal is not legal in all countries of the world;

Fees for each transaction;

Additional fee when withdrawing money;

Freezing the account and the funds on it, if they suspect that you have committed an offense.

We hope you found all this information useful and cleared all your doubts. In order to become even more familiar with how it works, it would be best to talk to someone who already uses PayPal, so that they can share their experiences with you.

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