Top 5 Anal Sex Positions

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, your sex life can feel like it’s becoming stagnant. This happens to everyone and is easily fixed with a bit of experimentation! There are a few things you can do to enhance your sex life with your partner, whether that’s watching your favourite videos on Big Ass Anal Porn to help you get some inspiration, introducing toys into the bedroom, or choosing a new position. Anal sex is often something a lot of couples want to try, but they don’t know how to go about it. Here are a few positions you could try that make anal sex a little easier, and more pleasurable for you both.

  • Doggystyle 

This is one of the most popular positions with couples and in bedrooms across the globe, and thankfully, it’s also one of the easiest to perform – especially if you’re trying anal. There is a range of possibilities with this position. Doggystyle sees one person on all-fours, and the other entering from behind. You can do this on a bed, or if you’re looking to get even spicier, you could bend over a chair or counter. It’s one of the easiest and most natural positions if you’re trying anal for the first time or have done it many times before. It’s versatile and can bring you great pleasure. 

  • On top 

Another incredibly popular position is on top – which sees one of you lying down, and the other staddles and sits on top of the other. Whilst this might be more difficult if you’re a beginner, this can be a great position for anal sex. It gives your partner the perfect view if they’re lying down and means you can control the speed to whichever feels best for you both. If you are looking to control the situation, and ease yourself into it, getting on top could be the best position for you to try. 

  • Reverse cowgirl 

Once you’ve mastered on top, you can switch to reverse cowgirl. All you have to do is have your partner lie down, and you straddle them like you would the previous position, but facing away from them. This can be a good option if you’re feeling a little shy about being on full display to your partner, or you simply want to change it up from the norm. If you’re a fan of on top but you’re getting a little bored, simply turn around and experience a new position with ease. 

  • Spooning 

Sex brings you and your partner closer together, and sometimes it’s nice to feel that physically. This position is great if you enjoy a low-energy, close position that can connect you and your partner, whilst also giving you both intense anal pleasure. This position is done in the spooning position, with one partner in front, and one behind. This allows for entering slowly and easily from behind and can be great for beginners. As a bonus, both of your hands are free, meaning that you can explore each other’s bodies during sex. 

  • Straddle 

This position is similar to being on top, so if you’re confident and you’re feeling good about being on display, simply have your partner lie down, in the same position as you would when being on top. Straddle your partner in reverse cowgirl style, but instead of placing two legs on either side of their body, have them lift a knee up so you can place them around one of their legs instead, so you’re almost sideways. This allows them to enter more easily and means you have a leg to use for stability whilst also allowing you to grind against it for peak pleasure. 

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