New Auto Policy Pakistan 2023

The new auto policy of the Pakistan federal government is improving the industry. The officials shows that the government should reduces the taxes and other duties up to 800 cc cars and especially, the electric cars in 2023. In this article, we are going to have an eye on the New Auto Policy Pakistan 2023. Furthermore, the policy of the prominent auto makers in Pakistan is discussed here.

On the other hand, electric vehicles should not be costlier any longer because the taxes are reduced to 20 and 25 percent in 2023. These vehicles improve the energy crisis of the fuel. People also like these cars because of their low expenditures. So, the government decreases the taxes and duties on hybrid cars and electric vehicles to catch the attention of the people. Furthermore, the new auto policy in Pakistan 2023 has some notable aspects. Also, the car financing policy is altered, and the new auto policy shows that the customer should pay between 15 percent to 30 percent of the original car payment.

Toyota Auto Selling Policy in Pakistan 2023

Toyota is a leading global automaker committed to innovation and quality. Its sustainable practices in the industry bring it to the top automaker in the world. The company is known for its wide range of vehicles. They have sedans, SUVs, trucks, and hybrid cars.

In addition to its new auto policy in Pakistan, the units of car makers are stopped due to the poor infrastructure of the government. Remember, Toyota’s selling policy will vary depending on the country and dealership. Generally, the company follows a franchise dealership model, which is independently owned and operated. These dealers have the exclusive right to sell Toyota automobiles within a specific area.

Like most automobile makers, Toyota may have different selling strategies and policies in different regions and markets. It has special promotions of specific vehicles, financing options, warranties, special deals, etc., for customers in Pakistan and other countries.

Honda auto selling policy in Pakistan 2023

Like Toyota, Honda also follows a franchise dealership model for selling its vehicles. In addition, when purchasing a new Honda vehicle, we can expect a wide variety of models. These include cars, trucks, SUVs, electric vehicles, hatchbacks, and vans.

Regarding dealership operation and sales, each Honda dealership in Pakistan would have specific policies. However, it is changing with the change in geographical location.

As with any large corporation, the policy may vary based on different regions and markets; the same is the case with Honda Motors, Pakistan. In the past few years, the demand has rapidly increased, but unfortunately, they will stop manufacturing units in Pakistan in 2023. However, one should buy a new Honda vehicle through the import dealers of the company.

Suzuki auto Selling policy in Pakistan 2023

Suzuki’s selling policy in Pakistan may be different than in other countries, as it is specific to the Pakistani market. In addition, Suzuki is one of the major automakers in Pakistan. It has a strong presence in the country, and Pakistan trusts its vehicles.

On the other hand, Suzuki offers promotions or special deals to customers from time to time in Pakistan. Recently, the Suzuki Alto was launched for the third time in the same year. This shows the greater demand for Suzuki cars. The greater value of these cars is the higher efficiency or mileage. On the other hand, Suzuki may offer after-sales services such as maintenance, repairs, and spare parts through its dealership network. Importantly, some of Suzuki’s models have been assembled locally in Pakistan, which may give a competitive pricing advantage in certain ranges. Furthermore, the price of Suzuki bikes is very high, not only in Pakistan but throughout the world.

Several impressive features of the new auto policy in Pakistan

The demand for vehicles is rising in Pakistan, but the large manufacturing units are closing. In this way, economic growth would suffer. That’s why the federal government of Pakistan introduced a new auto policy in Pakistan in 2023. These features in the new policy about the auto industry are special as compared to the previous guidelines.

The government fixed a 1% duty on electric vehicle spare parts
The government will modify the tax ratio on imported vehicles each year
When a car does not deliver within two months, then the company will pay KIBOR + 3% amount
On hybrid vehicles, govt has decreased by 8.5% the sale tax
Hybrid Cars Regulatory duty of up to 15% has decreased on above 1800 cc engine
Imported vehicles will not finance
All local manufacturer companies set 10% export vehicles to 2026
10% to 25% import duties reduced on electric vehicles
The duration of the personal loan has decreased from seven years and the new time is four years

Here, we will discuss the well-known facts of the new auto policy in Pakistan 2023. Furthermore, we will provide the latest information about the current situation of the auto industry and government policies. All the data and specs in this blog post are written after careful research from authentic sources, but the human misconception is feasible. So, for more up-to-date news, stay with us or visit the official or authorised dealerships of prominent car companies.

Final words

In Pakistan, a variety of automakers are functional. In recent times, they are facing difficulties and challenges in the import of car parts. In this regard, they are reducing the units of vehicles assembled in Pakistan. It is drastic, so the government reduced taxes and duties to 800 cc cars. In contrast, all car manufacturers, whether Suzuki, Honda and Toyota, use a franchise dealership model to sell their vehicles.

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Furthermore, special deals, promotions, or warranties of vehicles may vary based on region and dealership. However, each dealership will have its auto-selling policies. In the end, we hope you will like our review of the New Auto Policy Pakistan 2023.

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