A Complete Guide to Open Car Transport

Even if you never needed to transport your automobile, you have probably at some point seen the open trucks with rails, that could be loaded with multiple cars at ones. If your kid likes to play with car toys, it is possible that it even has a toy of that type of truck.

Transporting cars with such type of an open vehicle is known as open car transport. It is the most common type of car shipping that people prefer – about 90% of vehicle shipping happens in this way.

This method allows for the transportation of numerous sorts of vehicles at once and is also more affordable than enclosed transportation. Here is car transportation near me.

You could request open transportation by an auto transport company such as USTrans.com in case you are traveling at a great distance and you want to skip the driving. Auto carrier could also help you transport an inoperable vehicle.

There are some things you might need to know about before choosing open car shipping.

How Does Open Car Transport Work

The process requires you to book an order with an auto transport company, for which you will need to provide specific information about your vehicle. You could choose between door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal transportation.

In the door to door type, the carrier will arrive at your place to take the car. He will need an extra set of keys and some gas in the tank in order to be able to load the car on the truck.

The cars are being strapped down with safety harnesses, and the driver proceeds with great care while he is on the road.

Is the Method Safe for your Car

There are a lot of mechanisms that take part in ensuring the safety of the car. Moreover, experienced professionals working at reputable companies like USTrans.com have the needed expertise in order to take the best care of the transported vehicles.

The cars are held down and their movement is highly restricted, and a chain of locking mechanisms is used. The rails in the truck themselves are built in such a way to protect the car and prevent its movement once it has been loaded.

The driver avoids going through any places where there is a high danger that there will be damage to the surface of the cars.

Drivers often carefully inspect the vehicles during the shipping to ensure their security. Precaution are also taken to make sure that unauthorized people will not be able to access your car.

Companies offer insurance coverage, which means that in case there is damage that happened during the shipment, the company will take the responsibility and pay the repair costs.

There is still a risk of damage to the paint and shine of your automobile outlook, since it is open to all weather conditions such as rain, snow, extreme sun and wind. In most cases the fact that the vehicles are exposed does not make it any different than if you were driving your car yourself.

However, in case you need to transport a high-value vehicle or a vintage car, it is more preferable to choose enclosed transportation.

The Benefits of Open Transport

Besides the fact that open car transport is more affordable than enclosed one is not its only benefit.

With enclosed transportation you often have to wait until there is an available spot that could fit precisely your vehicle, since the containers in these trucks can carry much less automobiles at a time.

Open carriers could load up to twelve vehicles at once. That makes them much more available and leaves you with a lot more options for booking, which is really valuable, especially if you’re planning a move and have many other things to plan and organize.

This option also doesn’t require you to plan and book your order months in advance. The open truck could also fit any car, no matter its length and height, which adds to the convenience of the method.

Open car transport is usually faster, since the truck is much lighter and therefore faster.

Is it expensive

As was mentioned earlier in this article, open transportation is the most affordable way to get your car shipped, and there are many reasons for that.

For example, the fact that the trucks are lighter than the ones for enclosed transportation allows them to use less fuel, which means that the whole shipment is cheaper. Moreover, these carriers less often have to take extra routes, which is also a reason why enclosed transportation is more expensive.

How is the cost calculated

The prices vary from company to company, and are estimated based on many factors, taken into account. You can get an estimate after you provide the company with all the necessary information, including:

  • Initial and Final Location;
  • Model and Characteristics of the Car;
  • The condition of your vehicle;
  • Additional Options.

Before choosing a company for your car shipping, you could check the average costs per distance in different websites in order to know what to expect in general. In that way you will be able to know if a company is giving you an unrealistic price – either too low or too high.

A price that is too low for the service might mean that it really is too good to be true, and the shipment is not done with such quality, which might result in negative consequences for your car.

How to Make Sure your Car is Safe

The most important part of the process happens before you had even placed the order, and it is choosing the company. This is of crucial importance and defines how careful and professionally will be your vehicle treated.

When looking through companies’ websites, always make sure they have the needed licenses and registrations, as well as years of experience. You can check reviews and ratings of companies in websites, which also post clients’ reviews.

Asking people you know about recommendations is also a great option, because they would want your best and not lie about their experience.

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