Honda Bikes Top Selling Models in Pakistan

Honda bikes are the most selling bikes in Pakistan. That’s why we have brought you the Honda Bikes Top Selling Models in Pakistan. Most people love them because of their best features and durability. They offer reasonable prices. The Honda bike models are available at Honda dealerships in all of Pakistan. The customers can buy easily. And the Honda bikes have a high resale price you can easily buy or sell. Here are some models launched across Pakistan with the capacity of 70cc, 100cc, 150cc, and 200cc bikes in Pakistan.

Honda CD70

The Honda CD 70 was introduced in 1984 in the Pakistani market. It is also known as Honda 70. It is a four-stroke motorcycle manufactured by the Japanese company Honda. Honda CD70 is the most selling bike in Pakistan. It also has the best resale rate in our country. Furthermore, the Honda CD70 is certified from the EURO II engine. Moreover, the engine of the Honda CD70 is very durable. It comes with a displacement of 72cc and a warranty of 3 years if there are any issues after purchase. On the other hand, the mileage of the Honda CD70 is  70km/ (company claimed), which is very impressive and attracts customers. The fuel capacity of the Honda CD70 is 8.5 liters and reserves 1 liter of petrol. Which gives it a fuel average of the Honda CD70 is 55. 0/L. Which is suitable for daily use. It has a newly designed engine and added some new graphics. They add a high-quality drive chain which makes the ride smooth and comfortable. It is a kick start, and the dry weight is 82kg. It costs PKR 121,500, which is very good in Pakistani markets.

Honda CD 70 2022 Price in Pakistan

Honda CD70 DREAM

Honda CD70 Dream has a stylish look. Unlike the other 70cc bikes. Furthermore, the front light adds some beauty to the bike, making the design very different and attracting customers. CD 70 Dream comes in two colors, red and black, and adds some stickers to enhance beauty. Honda CD70 is a four-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled 72cc engine with a four-speed transmission. Moreover, it comes with a displacement of 72cc and a very powerful full engine which gives high performance. It is specially designed to reduce the air and increase the speed. On the other hand, the seats on the bike are very comfortable. It is also known for its comfortable and soft ride. If you ride for many hours, it doesn’t feel tired. The top speed of the bike is 80 KM/H. Fuel tank capacity is 8. 6L, and the average is 55. 0L. The dry weight of the bike is 82 KG. The current price of HONDA CD70 in Pakistan is 129,900. Which is the best price range compared with other comparators, and the resale value is very good as it is reasonable.

Honda CD 70 Dream

Honda CG125

Honda CG125 is manufactured by the Japanese company Honda. CG stands for cash guarantee. It was introduced by Japan in 1976 and was produced in 2008. In 1992 the production was shifted to Pakistan and manufactured by Altas in Honda Pakistan. Furthermore, the design has not changed too much since its launch. It is also known for its durability, stability, and comfortable ride. On the other hand, Honda CG 125 comes with the  Euro || four-stroke OHV air-cooled engine with a bore & stroke of 56. 5 × 49. 5mm, it comes with a displacement of 125 ccs.

Honda CG 125 2022 Price In Pakistan

Moreover, the capacity is 9. 2 liters (Reserve: 2 liters). The fuel average is 45K/. The handling is very comfortable, and the seat height is 764mm making it easy to drive. It comes with a weight of 99kg, and it is a kickstart motorbike. Bikes parts are available easily. The bike’s price is PKR 185,900, and the bike’s resale value is very high. You can resale the bike at a good price.

Honda CG 125 Special Edition

Atlas honda launched CG 125 special edition earlier in 2023. The Honda CG 125 special edition with self-start comes with a roller chain of high quality, which makes the experience better and gives high performance and durability to the rider. Furthermore, Honda CD 125 special edition 2023 comes with an elegant design and a few changes which make it different and unique and give great looks. It provides an improved riding design. They added different handle positions, making the ride experience better and more comfortable for the riders.

Self-Start Bikes Price in Pakistan in 2022

On the other hand, they use high-quality seats to improve the experience. Honda CD 125 special edition has 4 strokes 125cc OHV Air-cooled engine with a bore and stroke of 56.5 × 49.5Nm, and it comes with the displacement of 125 ccs. This is a very powerful engine. It has an impressive mileage of 46 km/l and comes with a fuel tank of 9.2 liters. The wheel size is 18 in, and the dry weight is 108 KG.

Moreover, the top speed of the bikes is 100KM/H which is very attractive. The current price is 219,500. And the resale price is very high compared to the other competitors.

Honda CB 125 F

Honda CB 125 F was launched in Pakistan in 2019, and it is also a replacement for the Honda deluxe bike. On the other hand, it comes with a 4-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder OHV engine with a displacement of 124.1 cm3. Bore and stroke have a measurement of 56.5 × 49.5. The bike’s fuel capacity is 12.3 L, and the mileage is 35.0KM/L. They added both features of kick-start and self-start. Some changes from the previous model added a stylish headlight and some stickers for a better experience. This was all about Honda Bikes Top Selling Models in Pakistan.

Honda CB 125F

Moreover, They are equipped with a manual fuel gauge, trip meter, and speedometer. The silencer of the bike comes in Black color. Bike wheels have Z section die-cast alloy rims, and the front wheel has powerful front disc brakes. Furthermore the new red and black colors are very attractive. And most of them love them. Honda CB 125 comes with PKR 283,900. The bike has a high resale price.

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Final Words

In the above article, we showed you some of the best Honda-selling bikes that are very famous among consumers too. These bikes have different features and unique specifications which it has got a place in our article. We hope that you like our review of Honda Bikes Top Selling Models in Pakistan. And I wish you a good experience with these bikes.

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