Top 10 Telegram direction you might not have known, and how to use them

Telegram is a feature-packed messaging service with some neat perks that put rivals like WhatsApp and Signal to shame when it comes to functionality. Even though basic Telegram features like the ability to edit messages after sending them are well known, here’s some lesser known, yet incredibly useful things the app can do that could come in quite handy.

  1. Live location & proximity alerts

If a user wants to send somebody a live location with Telegram, they’ll receive an alert when their friend arrives. Depending on the number of friends with whom you exchange tags, you can set up proximity alerts for them. You could for instance set one for when your friend gets within less than 50m of your location at the mall and start searching for them.

Telegram Live Locations and proximity alters (Express Photo)

To use the live locations feature, you’ll need to go to the contact’s conversation window, and then tap on their profile picture next to the ‘Contact’ button. From here, choose the location icon, which will either send a message for 15 minutes or one hour. You can also choose to send a location for up to 8 hours.

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Once you’ve set your location, choose the proximity alert button on the top right to see where each other are. The app will show both people’s live locations and a preview of how close they are.

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  1. Scheduled and Silent messages

Telegram allows you to send messages on a schedule. Furthermore, you can send messages without sound when you don’t want to disturb the recipient. This is helpful because it allows your boss or a friend to receive important messages while they’re out with their family or attending a meeting.

With our new silent messaging feature, you can schedule and send messages on your iPhone. All you have to do is long-tap on the send button instead of pressing it. This will bring up the options for scheduling or sending a message.

  1. Custom themes

Telegram offers users a wide variety of options when it comes to customizing your app interface. There are hundreds of themes and color combinations you can choose from, as well as the ability to change elements like the colors of chat backgrounds and messages.

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