The composite treatment is becoming more popular in Europe because it’s been marketed as being cheaper than veneers. Patients are asking for this treatment more and lots of dentists are accepting our patients’ requests because they know that we are experienced and skilled.

We’ve been doing this service for over 10 years; we’ve done them by good and experienced hands, so you can have great results. We much prefer to apply this treatment to a few teeth – usually the ones with cracks or gaps – in order to close them. We don’t make a full smile makeover with composites, though; that’s not what we do at all.

So why not?

Durability & Esthetics:

Composite bonding turkey 5 times are made for teeth fillings. They’re not as strong as teeth’ enamel or veneer ceramics, so they can easily crack on the cutting edges of your teeth. They don’t have an opalescence effect like enamel and veneers do, either. The life span of this material is short, ranging from five to ten years (or shorter). You’ll have to polish it more often than enamel or veneers– there’s no way around that. And if you eat badly, these types of composite materials aren’t always guaranteed to last that long. But the clinic will help you out with any problems you encounter.

Application Difference:

Direct Composite bondings are applied in one step and are made with dental composites, just like veneers. Because the patient can’t wait for hours of open mouth time, this procedure has to be quick and convenient. Most often, it takes no longer than an hour and is finished in a single visit. Sometimes I spend 1 hour making a crack on a front tooth fillable.

I use different types of dental composites to achieve a beautiful natural look; however, sometimes I see online how these “smile makeover” composite bondings get done in just 5 minutes–with no preparation beforehand whatsoever. We also spend approximately 20-30 minutes preparing teeth before we actually start shaping them when we’re putting in our veneers. A quick application that requires 5 minutes wouldn’t be able to replicate the results of veneers, which require hours of work by our technicians and 3-6 months worth of extra care on your part!


When I try to explain why we don’t prefer composite bondings, people always ask a lot of questions. One not so common question is “I don’t want my teeth filed!” That’s not surprising because most patients who are looking for cosmetic smile makeovers have crooked teeth or size issues. Even if they get composite bondings, some of these teeth will need to be dilated and filed, which also can’t be removed after the treatment without trauma. After getting bonded, you can’t go back to your original teeth’ color and shape as you would change it with acid etching.

When to use?

If you are unsure of whether you need veneers, get a CT scan to confirm. Before getting veneers, if you want to use them as a mock-up. If you have problems with crevices and don’t want to have composite bondings done in a foreign country.

Then you can get composite bondings done in your home country. Otherwise, if you are traveling abroad for treatment follow the advice above

Why do many clinics focus on composites?

Patients are traveling abroad to get cosmetic treatments such as veneers because clinics aren’t offering the same treatments.

However, they can’t be compared because they serve different purposes.For example, when you want a ceramic veneer in Europe, the price is roughly € 900 – € 1200. However, the same treatment costs roughly € 200 – € 250 in Turkey.

Your cost saving will be at least € 700 per unit, if you travel to Turkey for 10 units of veneers.

Composite bonding treatments are very cost-effective for clinics and the Europe price for composites is € 250 – € 350 per unit. In Turkey, it costs roughly € 100 – € 150 per unit, your savings will be around $100 per unit.

For this treatment there is no point to travel abroad because it’s a very weak material and it’s almost guaranteed that you will need more work done on this material later on instead of using local clinics.

Finally, as a cosmetic dentist, I like these types of treatments but we don’t mean the same thing by them. We are against using a single white layer of composite material over teeth as a smile makeover that can only last temporarily before needing another fix-up. We believe this type of

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