Creative Insta Story Birthday Ideas in 2022

Birthdays are special days in the lives of people, irrespective of age. People often get dozens of birthday wishes through text messages, WhatsApp, and DMs. Sometimes, you want to go beyond the regular birthday wishes to send something unique and memorable.

One way to do this is to create Insta story birthday videos. It is unique, and your recipient will love it. So, Do you want to send your friend or family member something different? Read this post to get Insta story birthday ideas you can use.

1.    Typography Birthday Story

So, you have composed your beautiful birthday message but do not want to send it through normal text. Convert it to a typography birthday story. To do this, you need a free video maker, and Doratoon is available for your use.

The software is free to use and comes with thousands of templates you can explore. Select a template and customize it with your text.

It has different animation effects. Therefore, you can animate the text to make it stand out. You can also explore the music library to select the best birthday music to use as the background song.

2.    Collage Birthday Story

Creating a collage birthday story is one of the beautiful birthday Instagram story ideas you can use. Get your loved one’s pictures and create a stunning story from them. You can do a growth collage where you have pictures of them from childhood to adulthood.

This type of video brings beautiful memories that they would love. Are you wondering how to create this video? You can make birthday Instagram story with Doratoon easily and seamlessly. Every tool you need for this project is available on the platform.

3.    Film Reel Birthday Story

If you have short clips of your friends, then this is something you can do. Collate the short videos to make a short movie for celebrating your loved one’s birthday. You will find the perfect film reel template on Doratoon.

All you have to do is infuse your video clips and customize them to suit your purpose. You can replace as many photos and videos on your chosen template. The best part is you can make it as short or as long as you want.

To spice up your creation, check the music and sound library to add engaging sound and sound effects to perfect your video creation. A film reel birthday story is one of the top birthday ideas for Instagram stories you can use.

4.    Simple Birthday Story

If you do not want a funky or highly creative birthday story, you can go for a simple birthday story. You can choose from a plethora of flat-themed video templates on Doratoon to create your Instagram birthday story. These templates are easy and fast to customize.

You only need a couple of the celebrant’s pictures to create this video. You do not even need to follow a particular storyline. Select a template and replace the images with your friend’s pictures. Upload a song or choose from the in-built music library on the platform.

It takes a few minutes to complete. Therefore, you have no reason not to send your loved one an Insta birthday story, even if you only remember to create one on their birth date.

5.    Video Serenade

Here is one of the top happy birthday ideas for Instagram stories. If you are ready to put beautiful smiles on your loved one’s face, then create a video serenade for them. What does this entail?

Get a couple of your friends (preferably if they are mutual friends of you and the celebrant). Ask them to create and send a clip of them singing one line of the “Happy Birthday” and merge these to create an Insta story.

In the end, you would have succeeded in creating a beautiful birthday song with different characters. Your friend will surely love the creative video. Doratoon offers you the platform and tools to create this beautiful birthday video.

6.    Tap for a Surprise Video

Everyone loves surprises on their birthday, and this “Tap for Surprise” video is definitely one of the interesting happy birthday ideas for Instagram stories you can use. The video can be as fun as you want.

You can create a video story on Doratoon with your friend’s picture on the first slide of the story series and add a caption – “Tap for a Birthday Surprise.” Next, add a few more slides of their pretty pictures and throw a funny or silly surprise to make them laugh.

It can be an embarrassing picture of them in school or at work. You can take it a notch higher by adding a real surprise gift, such as a screenshot of a ticket to the movies or a dinner reservation for their birthday. They are sure to love it.

How to Make a Happy Birthday Instagram Story

It is easy to make happy birthday story ideas for Instagram with Doratoon. Doratoon is a feature-rich tool for making and editing videos. You do not need videography skills or experience to make a professional-looking birthday video.

The tool is highly intuitive and comes with a seamless user interface. Within minutes, you can make your birthday video. Here are the simple steps to implement best friend birthday story ideas with Doratoon.

Step 1: Create a free Doratoon account on the official website.

Step 2: Select a customizable animated template.

Step 3: Use the editing tools to customize the video with your friend’s pictures or some clips.

Step 4: Preview the video and download it. 

You can then share the video directly with your friends. Doratoon has a lot of features to make your creation seamless and easy. These features include:

  • 100M+ stock video clips and photos
  • Thousands of stock props
  • Thousands of 2D and 3D background images
  • A huge library of animated characters with over 8000 expressions and actions.


There are many birthday Instagram story ideas you can implement to celebrate your loved ones. Doratoon makes the job easier for you as all you need is the right concept. After that, you can explore the free tools on Doratoon to create a stunning birthday video.

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