Types of Poker Players

Of the numerous Poker strategies that you may be developing, one factor that should always be taken into account are the different types of Poker players that you will come across, be it in home games, real money online casino games or online. Recognizing these players is important as it will often dictate your tactical approach to the game.

While the number of Poker players out there makes a comprehensive listing impossible, they generally fall under certain categories.

The ones you will rarely see in casinos, but more so in home games and some on the Internet, are the newcomers and sometime players, collectively called tourists. These player types are in the game solely for the thrill, experience and just so they will be known as  Poker players.

Tourists generally are not well versed in the rules and intricacies of the game, have little or no Poker strategy, and sometimes do not even know the value of their hand in online casinos. When one or more of these types are on the Poker table, avoid using any complex strategies and just call, but not so much; just enough to make them raise the pot some more.

Another player type you will meet are the weak and passive individuals, known in Poker parlance as fish. These player types are easily rattled and fold at the first sight of aggression. If you are fortunate enough to play against a fish or two, then call and raise at every given opportunity.

Tight players use conservative strategies when playing, thus ensuring their staying power in the game. However, their Poker strategy limits their ability to cash in on the pot. Tight players are quite predictable, in that they will wager in accordance with their hand value; low hand, low bet, high hand, high bet.

Because their play pattern is easy to decipher, you will know when to check, call or fold. If you get decent cards at the start, consider calling at the pre flop. This might just cause them to fold altogether. If they wager a lot of money, the odds are good they have a strong hand.

In direct contrast are the loose players, who will bet and call without regards to their hands. When you encounter these types, you will be able to play and win with decent and average hands.

Somewhat similar to lose players but more aggressive, are the maniacs. They are easily distinguished by their aggressive calling and raising, and can intimidate a fish or a tight player. The Poker strategy to utilize against maniacs is their own aggression. Once you get strong hands, let them call and then raise them.

There are other strategies for other types of Poker players, but the ones cited above are the types you will play most often. By observing the behavior of these individuals you will be in a very strong position to take the pot.

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