Roulette Rules

The Roulette wheel is a mixture of odd and even numbers ranging from 0-36. The individual numbers on the Roulette wheel each have a color assigned to them, red or black. The simplest betting strategies available for Roulette players are Red/Black or Odd/Even. These bets are self-explanatory and I would advise Roulette beginners to play it safe and stick to these safe bets when starting out. You can’t really go wrong betting on Red/Black or Odd/Even as the house odds are minimal and close to 50/50. This means as long as you are betting appropriately the amounts of your cash go a long way and the potential is there to leave the casino a big winner if its you’re lucky night.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the Roulette wheel it could be the time to move on to more advanced betting strategy’s. When it comes to more advanced betting strategy in Roulette there are two different types of bets which themselves are configurable to your preferences. These are called ‘Inside bets’ and ‘Outside bets’.

Inside betting in Roulette is when you place your bets on the inside section of the betting grid containing the individual numbers. There are different types of inside bets available online casinos real money to the player.

Roulette Straight up bets – This is one of the more basic Roulette betting techniques, betting on an individual number to come in. I would suggest to not wager to much of your casino bankroll on a single straight up bet as the odds are large and not in your favor. There are 37 choices to bet on. 36 individual numbers and then the 0 square. If your straight up bet comes in you will receive a 35to1 payout.

Roulette split bets – This is splitting a single bet between two different numbers. The numbers have to be adjacent to each other. You place the chip on the border of the two numbers. The payout for a Roulette split bet is 17to1 if either number is spun.

Roulette street bets – This is similar to the split bet but betting on 3 numbers instead of 2. The numbers have to be in the same row and you place the bet on the outside edge of the Roulette grid. 11 to 1 odds.

Roulette square bets – This is betting on the numbers 1,2,3 or 0 coming in. You place the bet on the Roulette grid line between 0 and 3. Payout is 8 to 1.

Roulette Corner bets – This is a Roulette bet allowing you to wager on 4 numbers that must be connected to each other. The four numbered combination must form a square formation. The payout for this Roulette bet is 8 to 1.

Outside betting in Roulette is when you place bets on the outer Roulette betting grid. It is not possible to split your wager between different outside bets. This means it is not possible to split the minimum table bet between different outside bets. Roulette outside bets are mostly bets on ranges of numbers or odd/even, red/black. It can be a good idea for novice Roulette players to stick to simple outside bets until they gained more experience and have decided on a solid Roulette strategy.

High or Low, Roulette bets – This is a simple Roulette betting strategy, betting on the high or low range of numbers. The high range includes numbers 1-18 and low range is 19-36. It is a 50/50 bet and payout is evens.

Red or Black, Roulette bets – This is self explanatory, bet on the red or black roulette squares. A good bet for Roulette beginners and the house edge is very small. Payouts are 2 to 1.

Odd/even, Roulette bets – This is betting on either odd or numbers being spun. A simple Roulette bet suitable for novice roulette players. A small house edge means your money should go a long way.

Columns, Roulette bets – On the Roulette betting grid there is 3 betting squares labeled ‘2 to 1’. The twelve numbers in the row above the 2to1 squares are the range of numbers you will be betting on. The payout is obviously 2 to 1!

Dozens, Roulette bets – This type of Roulette bet is similar to column betting and is betting on a range of numbers. There are three betting squares on the Roulette betting grid labeled, ‘First twelve, Second twelve and Third twelve’. You will be betting on the twelve numbers directly above the betting square and the payout is 2 to 1.

These are the betting rules for the casino game Roulette. I hope I have helped your understanding of the Roulette table and the Roulette rules. The best way to learn how to play Roulette is by putting in some table time. At bestunitedstatescasinos we will only promote secure and safe casinos that also offer great bonuses to get you started.


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