Poker History

Poker is definitely one of the most popular games in the world of gambling and casinos. The game connotes sophistication as it does not only require sheer luck but the skills of the players as well, and coolness because the game is usually associated with luxurious casinos, high stakes and tough players. This famous card game has been around for so long and has continuously evolved through time. Not only is this game found in casinos and private gaming rooms but is now also made available through the internet as best online casino australia.

The history of poker is contested by many. Generally, it is believed to be picked up from the ancient game of the Persians called the “as nas”. However, scholars are indecisive as to where the word itself came from as its origins has many versions. Some believe its roots are from the Irish term “poca” or it may also have been taken from the German word “pooches” which means to knock. However, nobody can clearly create the link from the probable meaning of the word to the origins of the game which we now we refer to as poker and how it came about to be one of the most popular card games the world has ever known.

In America, it is believed to have been played first in the beautiful city of New Orleans in 1829 and was spread out all over the country through Mississippi where people most commonly pass time by gambling. At that time, the card game of poker had a deck of 20 cards where the 4 players place their bets on whoever among them has the most valuable card combination. Shortly after the game has spread to other parts of the country, additions and variations has also been applied to the rules of the game such as the use of the full 52- card English deck and the introduction of the flush. With the adaptation of other American communities, the once simple game of poker has also transformed into so many other things such as the draw poker, split-pot poker and community card poker, just to name a few. Of course, the spread was not limited to the US mainland and has also found its way to other countries brought about by the US military.

Poker is definitely a collaborative effort of so many cultures and people. How we know poker today is a product of how it has evolved over the years. Poker is fun gambling, combining both skills and luck by the players. It will continue to be in the hearts of many gamblers and will always be regarded by many as their favorite online casino games for real money game simply because of its endless appeal to the games. It is a perfect pastime as well as a great opportunity to seek what could be your life’s greatest fortune.


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