How to bet on cricket: game rules and tips

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. Thanks to this, bookmakers cannot ignore this discipline, but because of the low popularity of cricket in India and other countries. Even though this sport is not very popular in European countries, in Asia cricket is considered even more popular than football.

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How cricket is played

Cricket is indeed the 2nd most popular sport in the world. In many ways, such a high place was achieved because cricket is considered the main sport discipline in India.

However, cricket swept not only India but also England (where cricket was invented). This sport is also popular in Australia and several other Asian countries.

The game takes place in an arena in the shape of an ellipse with grass. In the center of the ellipse, there is a zone with a radius of 20 meters, which is called the pitch. Crises are located on the pitch (something like a zone or a base in baseball).

The point of the game is that the bowler (server) throws the ball to Batman (batterer), who must hit the launched projectile with a bat as hard as possible to launch it far, and so that the opponents do not have time to pick it up. The batsman must run the entire field at this time. A similar round in cricket is called an inning.

Match duration may vary. If we talk about the shortest fights, then they go up to 20 overs, which take an average of 3.5 hours. Yes, it’s quite a lot, but at the national level, a match can go on for 5 days. Teams play every day for 6 hours. So, the calculation of your bet can be, put mildly, stretched out for a long time.

Doing the right analysis

The analysis is the key to success in betting, so in no case should you neglect the study of essential and team factors such as:

  • Statistics of recent matches. This criterion will allow you to understand what form the teams are currently in and what can be expected from them.
  • Head-to-head confrontations. You can always identify some patterns in the last teams’ games against each other. These findings can be used to create a successful bet.
  • Weather. This criterion largely affects the duration of the match. It is impossible to play in the rain, and in the heat, it is difficult. In addition, in some countries, the sun can set much earlier, which can stretch an already long match into extra days.
  • Field. At different stadiums, there can be completely different coverage of the field. For example, in Adelaide and Cape Town, the pitching is prolonged low, allowing the batsman to react and hit the ball more accurately.
  • Motivation. This criterion is the most important since there are games in cricket where the favorite can give up and simply lose the match if he does not see the point in winning from a tournament point of view. An outsider, in turn, can easily and simply celebrate a victory if he is motivated by it.
  • Latest news in the media. Thus, betters can receive information from experts and analysts. The data will contribute to successful bets.

As you can see, there are not so many factors that you should pay attention to. But extra caution never hurt anyone. Therefore, do not forget about the preparation before placing a bet.

Cricket betting strategy

A fairly large number of cricket betting strategies have been developed, but most of them are not encouraging with their effectiveness, because this discipline has some element of unpredictability, which will make it very difficult for you to play flat.

However, one interesting betting strategy can be identified. It works on a fairly understandable and logical pattern, which consists of a simple drawing of the right of the first innings in a match of equal opponents.

The point is that before the start of the match, the referee tosses a coin, choosing the team that will attack the opponent first. You need to bet on the victory of the team that will attack first.

What’s the point? Yes, in the fact that in almost 70% of matches the team that attacks first wins, and there is a logical explanation for this. It lies in the fact that the teams will play the game until 80 over with the same ball. Of course, while he is safe and sound, it will be easier to control and throw him, but when he is already pretty worn out, he will create some difficulties. As practice shows, the next attacking team will have such difficulties.

You should not bet on the first team’s victory in the entire match, because a more rational solution would be to bet on winning the innings after a certain number of overs. Bookmakers give rather significant quotes for such an outcome most often, with the help of which it will be possible to play with the help of a flat.


Summing up, I propose to talk about whether it is worth trying cricket betting at all. The question is rather controversial because it all depends on the interest of the better in this sport. Cricket is a difficult sport to understand. However, the popularity of this sport discipline in India is bearing fruit. Therefore, many betters are very happy to bet on cricket.

Betters who love and watch cricket regularly will be able to beat the bookmaker without any problems due to their knowledge. The main thing is to choose a reliable bookmaker that will offer both profitable services for membership in general and provide a good list of cricket. In India, such a bookmaker can be called Indibet. The portal operates legally based on a curacao license and offers many interesting bonuses that also help to successfully bet on sports. Conducting financial transactions on the site is fast and safe.

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