Top Rated Online Roulette Games

Some years ago, playing roulette meant driving or walking to the local casino, placing your bet, winning or losing, and driving back home. The internet has changed all that. Apart from allowing people to play roulette without leaving their homes, the internet has allowed the development of a large number of online roulette games. 

As a matter of fact, there are over 36 online varieties of roulette today. The roulette games are accessible on desktop and mobile devices so that people can place their bets while driving, walking, and even exercising. Unfortunately, not every roulette game will satisfy your needs and you, therefore, have to go for the top-rated ones.

 To make your selection work easy, we have gathered the top-rated online roulette games. Here is the list. 

European roulette has always ranked highly in most casinos. One reason behind that is that this game is very easy to play. You just need to search for the game tab, click on it, and place your bets on a single number or several numbers. 

After opening this game on a betting site, your screen will display colored chips denoting different values. Decide on the amount of money to spend and place a bet by selecting a chip and dragging it onto the graphic table. Click on the spin button and the wheel will start spinning. You will have the chance to place more bets until your computer announces that there are “no more bets.” 

The ball will come to rest in a single roulette wheel pocket and the software will calculate your winnings and payout instantly. Finally, the game will reset so that you can place another bet. 

  • American Roulette

North American roulette comes second in the list of highly rated online roulette games. Unlike its close cousin, European roulette which has 37 numbers, the wheel of this game has 38 divisions numbered 1 to 36 and including 0 and 00. The numbers 1 to 36 are colored red and black alternately while the double zero and single zero are marked green. 

On Betfury, you will find an eye-catching American roulette wheel spinning slowly and the betting denominations below it. The wheel is large so that the players can see the numbers.

To place your bet, drag your bet amount and drop it where you want it. Click on the spin button. 

  • Lightning Roulette 

Have you been searching for a spine-tingling online roulette experience? If yes, this top-rated online roulette game is a perfect choice. 

Online lightning roulette game allows players to predict a number and place their bets on it. The game rounds range from one to five and the “Lightning Numbers” have to be struck by the lightning randomly in each round. 

As a player, you will benefit from win multipliers between x50 and x500 if you predict the numbers correctly. 

BetFury offers many outstanding features and benefits for players of this game. 

  • Auto Roulette 

This is a version of the European roulette and it is a perfect choice for high rollers in need of fast-paced actions. Auto roulette from Betfury produces 80 games per hour, meaning that everything is intense. Besides that, there are no opening hours for the Auto Roulette Classic because the game is available 24/7. 

All the standards of European roulette apply to this game but this is not a social game. It is created for high rollers desiring to play many games within a short time. 

  • Live Dealer Roulette

This roulette game variant is a combination of playing roulette in person and online wagering. Every game is run by a human dealer in real-time and the players can participate through a console on their device and use the live chat function to ask questions. 

Live dealer roulette is what to choose if your goal is to enjoy the “live roulette” experience from the comfort of your home. The results are captured by cameras and displayed on the player’s monitor each time the live dealer spins the wheel. That means you will get the information about the winners and the losers in a matter of seconds. 

Roulette Winning Tips   

Now, you have the list of top-rated online roulette game variants and it is your time to start wagering.

People employ elaborate betting systems and methods with aim of beating the game but none of them works consistently because casinos have indomitable house edges that players cannot defeat with a simple betting system or method. Still, you can employ the following tips to enhance your winning chances and avoid making unmanageable losses. 

  • Know that Online Roulette is a Gambling Game

The stopping points of the roulette ball are random and therefore one spin cannot affect the outcome of another spin. Moreover, the house has the advantage and you should be ready to lose some of your money. You will only succeed if you are ready to fail. 

  • Know the Restrictions 

Understanding the regulations of any online roulette game boosts the winning chances. You will also know how to conduct yourself when playing. So, understand the betting and payout restrictions before placing any bet. 

  • Watch the Dealers’ Hits 

If the dealer in live dealer roulette rotates the roulette wheel and rolls the ball with almost the same momentum, you can try to guess the final location of the ball. This will increase the chances of winning. 

  • Place Smart Bets

The best bet is one with a payout close to the wagered amount. That is for the reason that such a bet will keep the house’s advantage at its lowest. 

  • Stay Sober When Playing

Drugs and alcohol are dangerous when combined with gambling and they can cause significant harm to you and your family. Therefore, you have to avoid them. Also, avoid playing when ill, angry, or exhausted. 

  • Set Your Spending Cap

Decide on the amount of money to spend on wagering before you open any casino website. Avoid risking a lot of money so that you can play at ease. 

  • Be Emotionally Apathetic 

Negative emotions can obscure your judgment, something that can lead to huge losses. Therefore, maintaining concentration and composure when playing is paramount. 


Online roulette is fun, exhilarating, and allows you to make more money. Still, you have to keep the tips above in mind when playing and choose one of the top-rated games to avoid making unbearable losses. Play on BetFury to benefit from huge referral bonuses, rank bonuses, and staking bonuses. 

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