What To Do If Your Windshield Cracks While Driving

Usually, unexpected events happen at the wrong time and in the worst places. One of the things that could happen is the cracking or shattering of your windshield while driving. The windshield is one of the safety measures built for cars to protect you from flying insects, bugs, dust, and other harmful possibilities while driving. However, what happens when this safety measure suddenly cracks or breaks while driving and becomes a hazard? Should you go on with your journey or pull over? This article guides you on what to do if your windshield cracks while driving.

1.Pull-Over Immediately

Yes, you’re right. The first thing to do is to find a suitable place to pull over immediately. You need to assess the level of damage, but you can’t do that while driving. It could be dangerous for you and others on the road. So you need to find a good place to stop and assess the damage till you can get a windscreen replacement. You shouldn’t underestimate the level of the crack. It could still be as dangerous even if it’s just a small chip. Any little external force will make the glass shatter completely. A little push of air or when hit with debris, it’ll break it into tiny pieces of glass and could cause cuts and bruises for you. In some states, moving around with broken windshields could be illegal. Your view gets obscured, and driving with it could cause a serious accident.

2.Assess The Damage

After pulling over, carefully get down your vehicle and check yourself. Examine your body to be sure you’ve sustained no injuries. If you have other passengers with you, ensure they are fine. If either you or your passengers have sustained serious injuries, you should seek medical attention without delay. Although with the way windshields are designed, a break might not necessitate glass flying all around. But you can’t assume that no one is hurt. You still have to examine yourselves for possible bruises. Next, check the outside and around your car for further damage. If the object that hit your windscreen has also hit your car body, it might have damaged other parts. Check for gas odor, fuel or oil leakages, or anything unusual in your car. Look out for punctured or loose tires or any strange sounds if perhaps the object is stuck somewhere in a part of your car. You must contact the police, fire, or emergency department if you notice any danger.

3.Find Alternative Transportation

You shouldn’t continue the journey with your car without finding a solution to the problem. On the one hand, it could be illegal, while on the other, it could be dangerous for you. So, if you have to catch an appointment or get to work in the net hour, you’ll have to get an alternative transport system. You could reach out to friends and family nearby or get on a commercial transportation service. If you can’t find any transport service as soon as you need it, explain your situation to your boss or colleague and tell them why you’ll be late. One thing is sure, you can`t drive that car without finding a solution to the problem.

4.Call A Trusted Windshield Repair Company

Windshields can be repaired or replaced as the situation demands. You could contact a windshield company that could help fix your car right on the spot. Some companies offer mobile services where technicians find their way to where your car is to have it fixed or replaced so that you can take it home if possible. In situations where there are complications and the issue can’t be resolved right there and then, they could assist you in moving your car to a safe place where a proper repair can be done. However, ensure that your windshield repair and replacement company is efficient and trusted. They should also be prompt to answer your call and reach you when the needs arise.

5.Prevent Future Occurrence

Windshields are generally made to be strong and withstand pressure. However, they can get damaged after prolonged years of use or pressure of great impact. Usually, these damages don’t occur suddenly. They often start with a crack or chip. When you notice something like this, don’t ignore it and leave it till it worsens. Pay attention to it and seek immediate repair from a windshield or replacement company. This would prevent you from having a situation of your windshield breaking while driving.


Unexpected situations could arise, including your windshield cracking while driving. This may be dangerous but can be dealt with if handled properly. These steps must be followed to ensure your safety and those around you. Call a windshield repair or replacement company to have it fixed immediately.

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