6 Different Types Of Slot Machines To Play Slot Games

Playing slot games is the choice of most young generation players. The game’s rules are so simple that players can earn their livelihood easily. These are the games that players play on special machines called slot machines. 

Various slot machines are available for the people; he can select the one that will provide them with high winning options. Some of the common type of slot machines that a situs slot online offers includes the following:

1.Single Coin Machines

These machines were used in the past, but now they are no longer in use by the players. These machines did not provide the players with high winning chances, so they nearly became obsolete in the market. But still, some people who love the old version prefer to go for this option. 

2.Buy Your Pay Machines

Buy your pay machines are another version of the machines that people use in the current period. A person can ensure that the machines are the buy your-pay machines by going through their paytable. 

The winning combination of the players will depend on the number of coins they use at a time. In general, these are the machine that accepts 1 to 5 coins.

3.Multiple Payline Machines

There is variation in the payline available in the slot machines. Normally it is seen that a machine has a single payline that is in the middle of the machine. The combinations of the symbols that will appear on the machine will decide the players’ winning chances. 

With the advancement in technology, there was the launch of machines that provide more paylines like 20, 25, 50, or even more.

4.Wild Play Machines

Playing the slot online games on the wild play machines is another source of fun for the players. They give the players double and triple chances of winning the games. As the wild symbols will appear on the screen, they will have an impact on the winning of the players.

 If the payline contains one wild card, these will double the winning. The rest will depend on the number of wild cards that will be there on the payline.

5.Big Berthas

If we talk about the most prominent slot machines that the online casino provides, it is the big berthas. Usually, their placement is on the entry of the casinos as they work as the attraction. They generally have three, four, or five numbers of reels. 

Only their look is the attraction for the people, as the winning chances that are provided to the players are quite low.

6.Multi-Game Machines

The players get bored of playing a single game for an extended period. To avoid the boredom of the players, the multi-game machine was introduced. There are various games that these machines provide to the players, like video poker and slots. 

In case the players get bored of the game, then they have the option to shift to another game at any time.


The types of slot machines are not just limited to the one mentioned above. Another famous option is the touch screen machines. They are the introduction of the modern casino to provide a high level of convenience to the players. In these machines, the main screen is embedded on the table or the shelf. It will give rest to the hands of the players to play the game of their choice.

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