What to pay attention to when buying a classic second-hand Porsche?

Buying a car is an emotional life event, especially if it is a classic Porsche that looks amazing on city streets. You have two possibilities of purchasing such a majestic vehicle, one of which is to buy it second-hand. If you have found your unique model, find out what to pay attention to in order not to generate additional problems or invest in expensive repairs. Classic Porsche cars, especially those that are old, should be properly checked before finalizing the transaction.

Classic Porsche – parts matter

You’re almost sitting in your dream car. You see passers-by closely watching the smooth ride of your chosen model – all this will become real, but before that you have to sign a sales contract and pay for the car. Before closing your purchase, however, you should check the parts of the selected model. They should have been replaced at an authorized dealer. Check if your classic has no replacements or parts that look extremely damaged. Remember that assessing the wear of a given unit will help you learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the selected model. If you do not feel confident in judging car’s bodywork, parts or interior, make use of professional service, for example a mechanic specializing in Porsche cars. Remember, feel free to customize it afterwards, for example buying new floor mats.

Engine, the heart of a classic vehicle

When buying a used car, you should take a close look at: the VIN number, the level of operating fluids and, above all, the engine compartment. This is where the effects of post-accident repairs or difficult operating conditions are most often seen. The engine can say a lot about the former user. Dishonest sellers often practice covering up traces of leaks and wear. They clean the surface with special chemicals. Their action is visible to the naked eye.

A beautifully restored Porsche 365 Speedster or maybe a 914? Regardless of your choice, keep in mind that the age-old classics have already lived much, so their technical condition may leave a lot to be desired.

Panel-beating condition – can it be seen with the unaided eye?

As a fan of automotive experiences, you probably know how high the prices of replacing the sheathing elements or a complete replacement of the floor can be. These are not small amounts, but you can often prevent their spending – just pay attention to the car panel-beating condition. Many parts for classic Porsche are not available just like that. The older the car is, the harder it is to get parts for it, although you are supposed to find everything on the Internet today. Before buying a vintage car, check the condition of its panel-beating parts carefully. It is easy to remove single rust spots efficiently, but holes can be a real challenge. Such defects can be seen at first glance – do not underestimate them, because you will lose money, and in the worst case, your passion.

Second-hand Porsche classics and their originality

When you opt for a Porsche, you want to be sure that you are driving the original car that left the Porsche showroom. It’s logical. The originality of the vehicle parts is crucial, especially if you are thinking of further restoration. If you want your Porsche to receive yellow metal plates intended for antique cars, you must make sure that at least 75% of its parts are original. It is important because some owners tend to look for cheaper alternatives. Only a few modifications using non-original parts is enough to make all the magic that surrounds an antique car gone. Therefore, it is worth asking an authorized dealer to check the car before buying it. Professionals will take into account even the smallest details, such as the exhaust system, a radio and mirrors.

Who to ask for help?

There are millions of classic car enthusiasts. All over the world, people are selling, buying and restoring old Porsche models. On the Internet, you can find clubs for various cars lovers. They share their knowledge, passion and advise people like you – the future owners of classic models. You can even ask enthusiasts for help with the valuation, inspection or checking the authenticity of the documentation.

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