Features of 1win App for Android and iOS

1win is an online bookie operating all over the world, including Bangladesh. Since the day it started operating, the bookie has constantly been providing all of its players with the best conditions for betting, and now, you are also able to download and install the mobile app!

The mobile application of 1win is available absolutely to any wishing player from Bangladesh. It is completely free to download and use, and has such low system requirements that you will not experience a single lag or crash. By using the 1win application, you will be able to register an account, make deposits and withdraw money, make use of bonuses and promotions, and of course, place great bets on Sports and Casino games!

Features of 1win Mobile App

As the mobile app of 1win was created by the developer team of 1win, it has a certain number of features that you will definitely notice while using it. Without further ado, they are:

  • Mobility. Of course, the main reason you should use the mobile app of 1win on your mobile device is that is lets you use all the same functions of 1win, but with the only difference that you will be able to do so wherever you are and whenever you want;
  • It’s free. Both Android and iOS versions of 1win’s mobile applications will not cost you anything;
  • The app has the same functionality. Since the mobile app of 1win is created by their developer team, it means that by using it, you will be able to place the same Sports and Casino bets, use the same bonuses and promotions, as well as deposit and withdrawal methods etc.;
  • The application provides push notifications. By using the mobile app of 1win, you will not miss a single profitable bet, as you will constantly receive push notifications about all the upcoming events of 1win;
  • Both Line and Live betting is available. By using the mobile application of 1win, you will not only be able to place Prematch bets, but also place Live bets on Sports, Casino and eSports. All of them have great quality of live streaming, and will reward you with great winning money from these bets;
  • The app has low system requirements. Both Android and iOS versions of 1win’s mobile application have system requirements that must be met, however, they are so low that you will not have to worry about them, and can easily download the app without much effort.

As you can see, the list of 1win’s mobile app features is really great, so feel free to download and install the mobile app of 1win and start placing bets!

How to Download the Mobile application of 1win on your Mobile Device

Of course, before using the mobile app of 1win, you should first download and install it. Younger people know how that’s done, but, some older people may struggle while trying to download the mobile app of 1win, so in order to eradicate that problem, we have prepared for you step-by-step instructions on the download process of 1win’s mobile application. All you are required to do to get the app on your Android or iOS mobile device is:

  1. Go to 1win’s mobile website by using the mobile browser of your device;
  2. Visit the “Applications” page. The “Applications” button is located right next to the registration button;
  3. Choose the operating system you need. You will see two buttons – Android and iOS. Depending on the operating system you’re using, choose the one you need;
  4. Download and install the app. Once you press the button you need, the download process will begin, and once it’s finished, you will have yourself an application.

We should warn all our Android users, though, that only iOS version of 1win’s mobile app will install automatically. Android users should first switch “Third-party installations” in the settings of their mobile devices to “Allow”, and only then you will be able to install the apk file of 1win.


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