In search of an outstanding removalist?

There’s a sensible approach to hire a removalist, whether you’re searching for furniture removals, home removals, or office relocation. What I’ve discovered the hard way is this.

Laziness is not an option.

Do not heed the advise of your auntie Flo who’s been moving people since the 1950s, or the first removalist business you come across. Word of mouth is a fantastic starting point, but it’s also a good idea to contact a lot of people who just relocated. Look at price comparison websites as well.

You may rely on the Australian Furniture Removers Association for assistance (Moversbuddy)

There’s a reason why groups like the Australian Furniture Removers Association exist. Controls are in place to assure high quality. Moving firms that use competent employees are given accreditation by these organisations. Companies that have earned accreditation are familiar with the legal and business environment in which they do business. Their employees are also thoroughly educated in the use of moving equipment and the hand packaging of delicate products. Commercial removals must also have specific insurances mandated by Moversbuddy, but they only cover the firm, not your belongings. In order to be sure that you’re on the proper path to finding a home or office movers, utilise. 

My furniture and personal possessions might be damaged or lost if I don’t have insurance.

It’s typically up to you, although certain moving companies like interstate removalists, office movers, and house movers may insist on it. It’s important to note, however, that your home or business contents insurance policy will not cover your belongings while they are in transit or while they are being stored. It’s a good idea to purchase transportation and storage insurance if you don’t have a high tolerance for danger. Movers suggested by Moversbuddy can help you find the best options for moving your house or business.

What should I expect to pay for a mover?

This is when a little foresight is required. Is there a flat pricing or an hourly rate for the moving company? Is the relocation measured from door to door or from end to end? Storage expenses are also an issue. What happens if there is a delay in the pick-up or delivery of the package? It’s a good idea to think like a moving company in order to get an accurate estimate. When you’re moving, put yourself in the shoes of those who are doing it. When it comes to office or furniture removals, there are a number of questions you would want addressed in order to offer an exact estimate. Is there going to be a problem with parking or getting in? There may be stairs or an aggressive dog just next door. In order to pass through a regular doorway or clear a standard ceiling, do you have any things that may require disassembling and reassembling? Your furniture movers will need to raise mechanically how many of your items? All of these questions may not be possible, but they may be answered in enough detail for movers to get a more accurate price and minimise unexpected fees.

However, I’d prefer to have it in writing.

This means that any removals firm worth considering will issue a documented estimate. An itemised list of what you wish to include in the move should be provided in this document. Determine the number of boxes you’ll need, as well as their dimensions. A competent moving company, such as Asky Moves, will offer basic advise on how to relocate your house or business. You should avoid using huge boxes to move heavy objects like books, for example. Upon the weight is too large, the box will break in half when being lifted.

Specifics, Specifics, Specifications!

In theory, this ought to be self-evident, but in practise, it hasn’t been. Make sure the pick-up and delivery addresses and timings are correct in the contract. Inspect the itemised list of items, as well as the insurance coverage for loss or damage. It is important to read all of the fine print. It’s time-consuming, but essential. Do not pay a deposit or supply credit card information if you aren’t convinced you will use the removalist whose contract you are reviewing.

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